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Windows Chicago ISO, Windows Chicago Download

Windows Chicago ISO Download: Microsoft, founded 43 years ago is at its pinnacle. Having its hand in all the pods ranging from computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, services and so on. Its best software products are the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, the Microsoft Office Suite, the Internet Explorer and Edge Web browsers. It is world’s largest software maker by revenue and one of the world’s most valuable company for its contribution to the technology and its advancement. It is only apt that Microsoft is a portmanteau of “microcomputer” and “software”. The software that you are currently using in your PC or laptop is a result of innumerable software that came before it. Fixing one glitch after the other, making it more user-friendly and loaded with different features and functions, it never failed to deliver. Have you heard of Windows Chicago ISO? If not, then this article serves the purpose.

It talks about Windows Chicago ISO, some of its features and how you can Download Windows Chicago ISO.

Windows Chicago ISO – Brief Overview:

Windows Chicago ISO is an updated version of Windows 3.1 that could support 32-bit applications and preemptive multitasking, but could still run on low-end hardware. The development of Windows Chicago ISO got started and was planned for a late 1993 release. It was known as Windows 93. Initially, no new user interface was to be included and it was planned for Cairo and the focus was only on making installation, configuration, and networking easier. The first version of Chicago’s feature specification was finished on September 30, 1992. Cougar was to become Chicago’s kernel. “Chicago” is the codename for early development versions of Windows 95.

Some of the key facts about Windows Chicago ISO are listed below:

  • Product type – OS
  • Release date – 1994
  • Minimum CPU – 386
  • User Interface – GUI
  • Platform – Windows

Given below is the list that illustrates step-by-step transitioning from Windows 3.11 to Windows 95.

Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.122) 4.00.122 English x86-32 Archive 22.41MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.122) VHD 4.00.122 English x86-32 Virtual PC 40.9MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.189 FE) 4.00.189 English x86-32 Archive 27.74MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.189) 4.00.189 English x86-32 Archive 27.53MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.216) 4.00.216 English x86-32 Archive 28.55MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.224) 4.00.224 English x86-32 Archive 27.5MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.267) 4.00.267 English x86-32 Archive 31.48MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.275) 4.00.275 English x86-32 Archive 31.75MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.347) 4.00.347 English x86-32 Archive 186.03MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.440) 4.00.440 English x86-32 Archive 29.25MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.456) 4.00.456 English x86-32 Archive 138.25MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.462) 4.00.462 English x86-32 Archive 43.04MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.468) 4.00.468 English x86-32 Archive 33.74MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.490) 4.00.490 English x86-32 Archive 292.91MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.501) 4.00.501 English x86-32 Archive 353.94MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.58s) 4.00.58s English x86-32 Archive 9.65MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.73g) 4.00.73g English x86-32 Archive 11.52MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.81) 4.00.81 English x86-32 Archive 12.02MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.81) VHD 4.00.81 English x86-32 Virtual PC 37.23MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.90c) 4.00.90c English x86-32 Archive 14.94MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.950 r-2) 4.00.950 r-2 English x86-32 Archive 33.82MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago” 4.00.99) 4.00.99 English x86-32 Archive 20.51MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (”Chicago”, 4.0.224 Debug) 4.00.224 English x86-32 Archive 28.48MB
Microsoft Windows 95 (4.00.950) (alt) (RC 6/30/95?) English x86-32 Archive 358.62MB

Windows Chicago Features:

Windows Chicago ISO has over 20 different builds and then the final product Windows 95 came out. Let’s take a look at some of the features that you can find in some versions of Chicago ISO.

Windows Chicago Features

  • Chicago is singular as it marked the only time in Microsoft’s history that the company invested significant efforts and design research to the Windows User Interface.
  • There is a Cabinet Explorer Desktop. A number of 16-bit application programming interfaces were added, which made Windows 3.1 obsolete.
  • In some version of Chicago, a program named “Microsoft Music Box” is included. Tray or system toolbar is the name used for taskbar and links for the shortcuts.
  • The several icons that you will see on the screen are The Briefcase, Programs, Recycle Bin, My Computer, and Network.
  • The functionality of the Win 9x Task Manager was significantly upgraded from Windows 3.1 but it rarely showed up in Windows 95.
  • It uses the same networking subsystem from Windows 3.11 for workgroups.
  • Chicago includes its own version of MS-DOS that it works on.
  • It has a WritePad instead of WordPad and in some versions, it had “WinPad” which appeared to be a personal scheduler.

Windows Chicago ISO Download Links:

If you are looking forward to downloading Windows Chicago ISO for any purpose, the links provided below will help you. The video illustrates how to download and operate it with ease. Note that there are several different versions of Windows Chicago ISO with minute discrepancies.

Download Windows Chicago ISO Links:

You may look at the video for better assistance and understanding of how to download the Windows Chicago ISO and operate it.

You can download Windows Chicago ISO from the link given below:

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