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Windows 96: Windows Nashville Build 999 Download Free ISO

Windows Nashville, Windows 96 Download

Windows Nashville Download: Microsoft has been a legend for long, right? Have you ever used a Microsoft Product? Be it a Software, or an Operating System, or a Microsoft Lumia Phone, but have you used any of these? Well, Chances of your answer being No are extremely thin. The reason is that Apple is famous for its outreach for a specific section of the society, which can actually afford a 1000 $ PC, with very few good specs. While buying a 1000 $ Windows PC would mean that you will be able to get a hold on 8GB RAM, 1TB Hard Disk Space, at least 2 GBs of Graphic Memory, along with an i5 7th Gen CPU. Which is cool, right? Well, this is why Microsoft is very popular, and Windows is the most popular OS for Computing. Still, have you ever heard of the Windows Nashville or Windows 96?

Well, if you haven’t, then you missed something, and if you have, then probably you are here to Download the same. But, no worries, whatever be the case, I will help you. If you just want to know more about the Windows Nashville, I will tell you, and if you wish to have the Windows Nashville Download (Windows 96 ISO), I will provide you sources for that too.

 Windows Nashville – Introduction, and Features:

Okay, so now for those who don’t know what it is, the Windows Nashville, or as many call it the Windows 96 is a Beta version of the Windows 95 OSR2 and Windows 98. It was the first version of the Windows which consisted of the Internet Explorer “integration” with the shell. This is the reason why people were a bit impressed by the idea of the Windows 98. And, as it came out in the year 1996, after the Windows 95, this is the reason why it was named Windows 96.

While the Windows 96 was an obvious name, Windows Nashville comes as the Nashville is a place in the US. Also, earlier the name of the Windows Nashville was Windows Cleveland, which the company changed for some reasons. Also, the Windows 96 obviously came between the Windows Chicago (Windows 95) and the Windows Memphis (Windows 98). Apart from what you read, there is a lot more to the Windows 96. Read below for the Windows Nashville Features (for Windows 96 Professional Only):

  • Help and support center
  • Network set-up wizard
  • Internet connection firewall
  • Advanced portable PC support
  • Fast start-up
  • Remote installation service (RIS)
  • Automatic wireless connection support
  • Automatic software installation and maintenance

So, as you read, these were some of the Major Features of the Windows 96 Professional. Although these features might not just suit up the current competition in the world of Computing, still these were some of the best Features, anyone could imagine in the year 1996, to have on a Personal Computer.

Windows 96 Download System Requirements, and Technical Details of Windows Nashville:

Well, you can easily Download Windows 96 from this website, still, you would need to know a few things about this version of Windows, as it is not the most common of all, and then it also has not been very famous. And, obviously, before you Download a Software, you should know well about its Technicalities, along with the System Requirements for the same Software.

Windows Nashville Technical Details:-

  • Software Name: Windows_Nashvill_96_ISO
  • Type of Setup: Offline/Standalone Full Setup
  • Developer: Microsoft (Lone Author)

System Requirements for Windows 96 ISO: [sociallocker]

  • Any System in the year 2018 can run Windows 96/Windows Nashville with Proper Ease.

So, you see, these were the System Requirements for Windows 96 Download, along with the Technical Details of the Windows Nashville ISO. I hope this content satisfied you, and now you really know, if you really want to Download and Install Windows 96/Windows Nashville. And, if in case you want to, then scroll down a bit and you will find below the Download Section, where you can Download the ISO From.

Windows 96: Windows Nashville Build 999 Download Free ISO!

And, here is the section, where you can Download Windows Nashville from. In the sections above, you got to read a lot about the Windows 96, and I hope those were really helpful to you. Still, if you came here, just to Download the Windows 96, then you might just have been looking for the links, well your pursuit ends here.

Windows 96 Download Link:-

And, this is it. Here, you found the link to Download the Windows 96 Free. Windows Nashville has been a version of the Microsoft Windows, which didn’t gain much fame, as it was never officially announced by the Microsoft. Still, there are Geeks, who still wish to use it, and for such Geeks, I have written this article.

How to Install Windows 96 ISO?

Well, this is one thing that would hardly ever disturb you, still, to make sure you don’t have to face any difficulties, I am writing about this too. Installing Windows Nashville, isn’t the toughest task using an ISO Image, just read and follow the steps below.

  • Download Windows 96 to your Computer
  • Burn the ISO image to a Bootable DVD
  • Now, you have a Windows Nashville Boot Disk
  • Turn off your Computer
  • Restart your PC, and go into the Boot Menu
  • Install the Windows 96 using the Boot Disk, following the Instructions.

Windows Nashville, Windows Nashville Download, Windows 96

Also, if you have a new PC, on which you want to use Windows 96, then you will have to Download VMWare on your PC, and then Install the Windows Nashville in the VMWare itself.

How to Install Windows Nashville ISO in VMWare? – Video:

And, here it was all that you need to know and have to Install Windows Nashville. I even added a video about How to Install Windows Nashville in VMWare, so you don’t have a tough time doing the same. Still, if you get to face any difficulties, feel free to contact us, via Email, or by leaving a comment below. We will help you the best that we can.

More Information about Windows Nashville, and Windows 96 Demo Video:

Okay, so after having known almost everything about the Windows 96, there still are a few things which might interest you. Windows 96 was officially the third version of the Windows, which the Microsoft never released Officially. The first two versions were the Windows 3.1 NT, and the Windows 95 (Chicago), as we all know. Windows 3.1 was the simplest of the Windows OSs ever, the reason being the base on which the Windows 3.1 was built, i.e., an MS-Dos Program. And, that is why Windows 95 became the first ever Operating System, which was independent, and never based on MS-Dos.

Although, the Windows Nashville featured many new things, which were to become popular back in the days, still as Microsoft didn’t launch it officially, it died and in the Beta version only. It is just people like you and me, who are Geeks for OS and keep looking for such stuff, who have kept the soul of the Windows Nashville alive. Well, wanna have a look at the Windows Nashville? Watch the video below.

Windows Nashville/96 Demo Video:

And, this was all. The article has to just end here, and I don’t really feel I missed out on anything important in this article. Still, if you feel so, let me know in the comments section below. Also, you might just have a look at the Index, to make sure, you too didn’t miss out on anything important in this article.

Index of this Post – Everything about the Windows Nashville:

So, in the end, as I always mention the index, this post won’t be any different either. Have a look at the Index below, to make sure, you didn’t miss out on anything important about Windows Nashville.


  • Introduction
  • Windows Nashville Features
  • Technical Details of Windows Nashville
  • System Requirements for Windows 96
  • Link to Download Windows 96
  • How to Install Windows Nashville on PC?
  • Video about How to Install Windows Nashville in VMWare!
  • More Information about Windows 96
  • Windows Nashville 999 Build Demo

So, this was all for now. Moving Further, I hope you found this article useful, and if you did, then kindly share it with your friends who might find it useful too. Also, stay in touch with TechyFizz for a lot more such content. To do the same, you can Like our Facebook Page, Follow us on Other Social Media, and Subscribe to our Newsletter.

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