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Download Windows 95 (OEM/OSR2/Bootable) ISO Free – Windows 95 ISO

Windows 95, Windows 95 ISO Download

Download Windows 95 ISO: Windows 95 came out on August 24, 1995. And everyone knows that it was a great success. Having received great responses from people who used it, and the critiques who would rate it, Windows 95 is still very famous. All the 90s’ Kids remember using Windows 95, 98, and the oldest features which a Microsoft PC used to feature back in the days. Well, there still is scope for those. MS Paint and MS Office are still some of the most useful, and popular Softwares on a PC.

And, if you are on this page, I believe that you are a Technical Person, and love the classics. On this page, you will find all the important Information about Windows 95 ISO. Also, here I will provide you the Links to the Windows 95 Bootable ISO. From those links, I promise that you will be able to successfully download all the Important Windows 95 Download links.

Windows 95 ISO – Introduction:

Well, there are many Technology Geeks, and OS Lovers, who want to keep trying different things over their computer systems. I have a few references to such friends of mine, who always love to keep experimenting with their Operating Systems. And, if you too are such a person, and are looking for some information on How to Install Windows 95 ISO Setup Files, and also want to Download Windows 95, then this is the best place for you. And, not only this post but the whole blog is about OS Lovers. Keep Reading for more information.

What is Windows 95 ISO?

ISO Setup Files are basically, the Image Files, which find their actual application when you have to share some large programs over the Internet. With the help of ISO Files, you can share all the Large Program Data, online, safely, with utter Neatness. This is the Most Important use of ISO Files. Now, below here you can find some information about the Technical Details and System requirements for Windows 95 ISO.

Technical Details of Windows 95 ISO, and System Requirements to Run Windows 95:

Okay, before you get on and Download the ISO files for Windows 95, I’d recommend you to have a look at the Technical Details of the Win 95 ISO, and also read a bit about the system requirements if applicable.

Technical Details of Windows 95 ISO:-

  • Software Name: Windows 95 .ISO Image Files
  • Type of Setup: Offline/Standalone Full Setup
  • Developer: Microsoft (Lone Author)

System Requirements for Windows 95 Download:- [sociallocker]

  • Every Computer system usually available in these times will be capable to Run Windows 95 smoothly. Hence, Not Applicable.

Download Windows 95 ISO Setup Files Free – Windows 95 ISO Download:

By now in this article, you got to read about Windows 95 ISO a lot. Now is the time when I share with our readers the right, and the most useful links for Windows 95 ISO Download. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down, and start the Downloads.

Link to Download Windows 95 ISO Setup Files:

  1. Windows 95 Download (OEM ISO) – [Click here to Save]
  2. Win 95B (OSR2) CD-ROM – [Click here to Save]

Windows 95 Virtual Image Files Download:

Windows 95 Bootable ISO (Windows 95 .vhd Image) – [Click here to Download]

Important Notice: If you find any .7z Format files, from the links above, you will need a 7-zip extractor, to extract the relevant ISO files from it then. Check below, to Download 7-Zip Extractor, for different OS Platforms.

Windows 95 ISO Setup Files, Windows 95 Introduction

7-Zip Extractor Download Links for:

Windows 95 Download – New Features:

Downloading Windows 95 ISO and setting up the Install procedure is one thing, and learning about the Windows 95 Features is another. If you are going to Install Windows 95 ISO, I’d suggest you read a bit about the Features of Windows 95 as well.

Features of Windows 95:

  1. It was a complete Operating system and not just a Graphic UI running on MS-Dos.
  2. It had a new and better-looking desktop.
  3. In the top right corner of each window, there were three new icons, which stay even now. You can minimize, restore, maximize and close the window with these icons.
  4. Windows 95 was the first Windows OS, which featured the new Right click menu.
  5. Task Bar and Start menu first came out with the Windows 95 only. Feeling Nostalgic? Ehh! You really should.
  6. Support for all 32 Bit applications: Another best thing about the Windows 95 was that it now supported all 32-bit Applications of that time.

Windows 95 Key Features:

  1. Uniquely Classic interface.
  2. Flat Design and Classic format support.
  3. Simple and Classic functionality.

So, here you see, these were some of the most important Windows 95 Features. Have a good time Installing Windows 95 ISO on your PC using Virtual Box.

Windows 95 ISO Overview and Demo/Video Guide:

Microsoft presented Windows 95 in the year 1996, and it was a huge success. In actual plain words, it brought a revolution. Being the first Operating System which was independent, rather than being an MS-Dos Run Graphical Interface Windows 95 had to be a great product. Although in the year 2000, Windows 95 was out of any updates and had already outdated, still even in 2017, there are people who wish to Download Windows 95 ISO. I hope you could do that easily from this website.

Also, although the base of Windows 95 was still the Windows 3.x, 2.x, and 1.x, still it was an independent OS. While, on the other hand, Windows 3.1 used to run on and as an MS-Dos Program, with a Graphical User Interface.

Windows 95 Video Guide casting Jennifer Aniston & Matthew Perry:

Watch the video for usage overview to get an idea of the features and appearance of the Windows 95.

Windows 95 ISO Download – How to Install?

Having talked about What is ISO, What are the uses of ISO Files, and where you can download these Windows 95 ISO Files from now is the turn to talk about How to Install these Files Properly. Afterall, it’s all about that only, right? Well, read below to know more. Below here are the Steps to Install your Windows 95 Download.

Step by Step Guide on How to Install Windows 95 ISO Setup Files:

  1. Download the 7-Zip Extractor for your Operating System
  2. Then Download the Windows Files, and Extract their ISO Files properly
  3. Now, Burn these files to a Bootable DVD, which you can use further, in order to Install Windows 95, virtually

Important Note: You will need Virtual Box for carrying out the whole procedure. (Click here, to know what is a Virtual Box)


Windows 95 Download – Installation Video Guide:

Although, I have given you a demonstration with the steps you need to follow in order to Install the Windows 95 Download, still if you are having to face any issues, then you can consider watching this video. In the video, you will get to see How to Install Windows 95 ISO successfully on your PC. So, kindly have a look.

Install the Windows 95 Download:

So, this was it for now. Read below for the Summary of the whole article and Windows 95 ISO Download.

Summary of Windows 95 Installation with ISO Setup Files:

So, here you could find everything relating to the Windows 95 ISO. Also, I gave you the links to Windows 95 Download. Basically, if I summarize the whole article, it’d be all about Windows 95. Windows 95 is one of the most classic Windows Operating Systems by Microsoft. It was the first OS that Microsoft Built, and wasn’t based on MS-Dos. The earlier version of Windows, that is Windows 3.1 had its base on MS-Dos.

This is the reason why Windows 95 was important, and you are still looking for the Windows 95 ISO. Okay, so by this point in this blog post, you might have clearly known about the following.

  • Introduction to Windows 95
  • Facts about Windows 95 ISO (Windows 95 Features)
  • What are ISO Files?
  • Uses of ISO Files
  • Download Links for Windows 95 ISO Files
  • Windows 95 Features
  • 7-Zip Extractor, and Why is it Important?
  • Windows 95 Download Overview and Demo/Video Guide
  • How to Install Windows 95 ISO?
  • Index for Windows 95 Download

So, this was it for now. I hope you found this article about Windows 95 Bootable ISO useful for you. These Windows 95 ISO Files are completely safe for use. Simply download and install these according to the steps. If you really did, then share this useful information with your Friends as well. Also, stay tuned to this blog for more such content about OS, and everything Technical.

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