Warframe: Limbo Build – Some Really Good Warframe Limbo Builds

Best Warframe Limbo Builds of All Time

Warframe Limbo Builds: If you are a Warframe fan and wants to know more about Limbo build then this article will serve the purpose. It looks into some of the limbo builds and how and where it can be put to use. Let’s start with a brief overview of the game itself, Warframe.

Brief Overview of Warframe:

A free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game, Warframe developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is all about a race of ancient warriors who find themselves amidst of a war among different factions. As one of the ancient warriors, you’re pulled out of stasis to fight off the Grineer and are quickly reacquainted with your high-tech battle suit called a Warframe. The suit lets you give and withstand damage as well as run and jump to superhuman heights. It provides you with unique combat skills that can be modified, upgraded and molded.

Gameplay involves two things: completing the story missions to advance the main narrative and going on repeatable missions to gather resources to unlock further areas for exploration. This can be done either alone or cooperatively with up to three other players. Mission objectives vary in difficulty, and rewards are proportionate. There are also many limbo builds which make the warframe effective for a particular purpose and proves advantageous at times. Let us take a look at two of the major Limbo Builds in the game:

Warframe: Limbo Builds:

Okay, so have a look at the below descriptions of the best ideas for some of the Coolest Warframe Limbo Builds.

  1. Crowd Control Build:

A perfect build for Mobile defense or other missions where defending something is the objective. You will be required to cast your last ability to Cataclysm and reworked second ability to Stasis. All the enemies inside your Cataclysm will not be able to move due to your second ability Stasis. Stasis is one of the best crowd control abilities provided in the game and efficient for Mobile defense missions.

Crowd Control Limbo Build

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As long as Cataclysm is active, all the enemies will enter the rift automatically if they come too close. And as long as Stasis is active, all the enemies in the rift gets frozen. This synergy between your second and last ability can also deal with a lot of dmg because Cataclysm’s range shrinks over time. Enemies will try to run to the objective but they can’t, this will indeed create an endless loop of entering the rift, running forward to again end up entering the rift. This will kill enemies even if you want to crowd control them.

You don’t have to use your 4th ability to send enemies into the rift, your reworked first ability Banish can rift several enemies with just a cast and it has perfect synergy with your second ability. If your 2nd and 4th ability run out, recast both of your abilities as fast as possible to keep the enemies frozen in the rift. To save more time in a Mobile defense, run to the extraction point before the defense is at its completion. Your crowd control is sufficient and enemies won’t be able to destroy your objective.

If you want to kill enemies, equip yourself with a melee weapon. Stasis has another effect, if you are using some of your weapons and not able to kill your enemies it is because stasis will freeze the projectiles of your weapons as well. The only way to deal dmg with your weapons is to disable your second ability. But with higher enemies, it is not recommended because you will have to disable and enable the stasis as quickly as possible and it can be dangerous. Stasis also has a limit of holding projectiles in time.

Due to the number of pellets, using shotguns is not recommended. If you exceed the limit, stasis will end immediately.

For limbo Crowd Control:

  • Narrow-minded, Primed/Continuity, Constitution for Max Duration.
  • Overextended, Stretch, Cunning Drift for Max Cataclysm range.
  • Streamline on R5 for power efficiency.
  • Natural talent to cast your abilities as fast as possible.

You are completely saved in your Cataclysm bubble so your Aura mod, Exilus mod and Range mods do not make any difference.

  1. Nuke Build:

It is a build for killing everything without any efforts. Cataclysm deals dmg based on the Health and Shield of an enemy. For instance, if an enemy has 10,000 health, then we are able to deal 1,000 dmg because the dmg dealt is always 10%. The more enemies in your bubble, the more dmg you deal. If 10 enemies of 10,000 health are in your Cataclysm, then you will be dealing 10,000 dmg in 1 hit.

Nuke Limbo Build in Warframe

Using Range mods is necessary here to affect as many enemies as possible. With this limbo build, you are able to carry your allies. For example, on Sedna- Hydron, a perfect way to clear 5 waves within 2:30 minutes. If you kill the enemies inside your rift, you get energy refund of 10 energy per kill, basically infinite spam potential. With this build, you can nuke entire rooms and tilesets, a perfect way to kill all your enemies. It is highly effective for exterminates.

You can destroy all loot crates with Cataclysm, the perfect replacement for Nerfed Telos Boltace for collecting lots while killing enemies.

For limbo Nuke build:

  • Fleeting expertise and Streamline both on R5 because of Blind Rage.
  • Blind Rage on R2, Transient Fortitude, Intensify and Power Drift for a lot of Power Strength.
  • Stretch and Overextended for an amazing Cataclysm Range.
  • Natural Talent to spam as fast as possible.

You can replace many of the mods depending on your requirement. For instance for Vitality, Primed Flow and Quick Thinking for a great Survivability.

And, so In this article, we talked about the game itself Warframe and two major limbo Builds of the game that will help you in the game abundantly. I hope you won’t now have to face any problems regarding Warframe Limbo Builds, still, if you get to face any, let us know in the comments below. Like and share if it proved helpful. Stay tuned for more gaming updates.

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