Samsung Gear S4 – Release Date, Price, News, Images and Features

Samsung Gear S4 Release Date

Samsung Gear S4: What do you think of first when you hear the name Samsung? Well, whenever I get to read or hear the name Samsung, I go back to the times when they brought out the first Cheapest Android Smartphone, which was Galaxy Y, and costed just around $99.00 in the year 2011. Starting from the Android Gingerbread Samsung got the big break there and hasn’t looked back since then. With the huge variety of Smartphones and other Smartphone Gadgets, there was a time, when Samsung had single-handedly acquired the whole Android Market. And the Samsung Gears too have such a monopoly even now. If you are a fan of Smartwatches and like the way these watches are, then you sure will be curious to know about the Samsung Gear S4.

For the same reason, I am writing this article for you all, about the Gear S4 News. Here, you will get to know everything relating to and about the new upcoming Samsung Watch S4.

Samsung Gear S4 – What Everyone wants to know?

Samsung Gear S4 is going to be great we know as, Samsung is a huge brand. They brought out the First Samsung Gear S on November 7, 2014. And it boomed the market. I still remember using the Moto 360 Smartwatch, in 2015, and it was pretty good, but when I got my hands on the then new Samsung Gear S2 I really loved it more. The reason was the display, the size of the dial, and yes the performance. Although the Moto 360 used the Original Pure Google Android OS, still it wasn’t the best with the performance, while the Samsung Gear S2 was flawless.

That is the reason why people are more interested in getting to know more about the Samsung Gear S4. We all want to know what is the Samsung Gear S4 Release Date, what is the Gear S4 Expected Price, How will the Gear S4 Look, and What will be the Samsung Gear S4 Specifications and Features, and watch the Samsung Gear S4 Trailer. I know most of us are waiting to hear from Samsung for long now. But the wait will always be worth it. Still, whatever I know, I will share in this article in different sections. Don’t Understand what it means? Read below and you will get it.

Let us start with getting to know about the Samsung Gear S4 Release Date because we obviously are waiting for it for long now.

Samsung Gear S4 Release Date:

Well, if we talk of the Samsung Gear S4 Release Date, many of us might quote Samsung to be running a bit late. The reason is that Samsung had scheduled the release for August 2017 earlier. But as they haven’t and they have always been launching the newer versions of Samsung Gear S in August only, we can assume strongly that the chances are that the Samsung Gear S4 Release Date might be August 2018 only. And if that happens, I know most of us will be happy.

Obviously, we want the Smartwatch to arrive as soon as possible. Why would we want to wait for it for so long? For the features obviously, still, the wait has been long now. Samsung Gear S2 came out in August 2015, while Samsung Gear S3 came out in August 2016, and that is the reason why everyone was expecting the Samsung Gear S4 to come out in August 2017. But, sadly that didn’t happen. And now we all hope it just comes out this August. Anyway, apart from the Gear S4 Release Date, there is a lot more you should know about it.

Read below to find out.

Samsung Gear S4 Expected Price:

Okay, so, to be honest, a Smartwatch is not something you can not live without. It is not even any sort of basic gadget necessity for you to survive, as a Smartphone in 2018 is. This just means that when you go on to Buying a Smartwatch, you have money stocked in your Pockets. But, this doesn’t mean that these watches burn a hole in your Pockets. Samsung Gear S, S2, and Samsung Gear S3 have all been pretty much affordable and were not overpriced. The same is going to be the scenario with the Samsung Gear S4 as well.

The Samsung Gear S4 Expected Price is around $349, which is not too much. Also, as it is going to compete head-on against the Apple Watch 3, it might get a benefit when Samsung Launches it. Also, with all the amazing features which it will have, the Gear S4 will hit the market with a boom, as most of the critics claim. The reason for such claims is the history of Samsung. Anyway, let us move ahead towards another section of Samsung Gear S4 Specifications/Features.

Samsung Gear S4 Specifications/Features:

Another Important thing you would need to know better about is the Features of Samsung Gear S4. Obviously, if you are going to buy this watch, you should exactly know How it is, what new technologies does it feature, and How is it going to help you better and make your life easier. So, to know all of that, let us look below at the Samsung Gear S4 Features. [sociallocker]

  • Reports are saying that the Gear S4 might have watch straps with integrated battery and a Fingerprint Sensor.
  • Also, Samsung has used Exynos & Dual 7270 chipset along with the new edition of the 4G LTE modem.
  • The Samsung Gear S4 will have a slimmer body. That is what everyone wished the Gear S2 and Gear S3 too had.
  • The users of Gear Fit will be able to avail a Shortcut to Apps which will display information like Date, Time and Weather.
  • There can possibly be a thin strip of a display around the edge of the Dial.
  • Better and Longer Battery Life than all the previous Samsung Gear Models.
  • A New Digital Voice Assistant for Samsung Gear S4 with name Bixby.
  • It will have a 90 Degree Rotated Display and you can also split the screen into Up and Down Sections.
  • It will have Tizen OS, with 64-bit compatibility.
  • Also, the Samsung Gear S4 will support 4K Ultra HD graphics, videos, and audios.
  • It might just also include the S Patch, which will be fit for delivering Data like Skin Temperature, galvanic skin response along with body fat analysis.
  • Gear S4 will have an Advanced14nm fin Feet process Sip System-in-Package and ePoP embedded Package-on-Package, which performs the best in all, and also it is the most power efficient version.

And this is how I threw some light on the Samsung Gear S4 Specifications and Features. Also, I would like to mention that these are just expected features, and you should keep an eye on more Updates from us, regarding the Samsung Gear S4.

Samsung Gear S4 Trailer/Demo Videos:

Samsung Gear S4 being the amazing utility that it is, is going to launch out soon, and we are all waiting for the release. The Android Smartwatches has more Software Flexibility than any iOS/Apple Watch. The reason is that Android is an Open Source Operating System, thus it allows you to make changes in the OS/Kernel, while you don’t have similar privileges while using an iOS, or macOS Device. Just that this restriction in Apple Devices serves better security, and that’s why it has good value. Anyway, coming back to the context of this article, you can be able to customize Samsung Gear S4 to a good extent for this reason. Want to know how it would look? Watch the Samsung Gear S4 Trailer below.

Samsung Gear S4 Trailer (Fan-made):

So, here you see this was the Samsung Gear S4 Trailer, watch below for the Gear S4 Sports Trailer.

Samsung Gear S4 Sports Trailer (Fan-made):

And there you got to watch the Samsung Gear S4 Sports Trailer. I hope you found this interesting. To get a little more idea about How a Samsung Gear looks on the Wrist, watch this video below.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Unboxing and First Impressions:

So, this was all of the videos about the Samsung Gear S4. You got to watch two of the Fan Made Trailers here, and the Unboxing Video of the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier as well. Check out the section below for some of the exciting Samsung Gear S4 Images.

Samsung Gear S4 Images and Gear S4 Design (Exclusive Collection):

Talking of the design, the earlier versions of the Samsung Gear S, were a bit bulky, while Samsung seems to be planning to launch the newer version of Samsung Gear S, that is Gear S4 to be a bit slimmer. They are doing this in order to make it more attractive and handier. The earlier versions of the Samsung Gear S were heavier and not very handy. So, yes to be true the new design features and elements of Samsung Gear S4 will make it more attractive. Also, there are rumors that the Gear S4 Edge too might be a variant. Have a look at the Pictures below to get some idea of the Gear S4.

Samsung Gear S4 Edge variant
Samsung Gear S4 Edge variant
Samsung Gear S4 Design Blueprint
Samsung Gear S4 Design Blueprint
Gear S4 Watch, Samsung Gear S4 Features
Gear S4 Watch, Samsung Gear S4 Features

So, here you see these were some of the exciting looking Samsung Gear S4 Pictures. These are some of the designs, which you can expect to see in the Samsung Gear S4. Also, I will update the blog as soon as the Gear S4 really arrives. Till then you can ask me questions and we can discuss various stuff about the Samsung Gear S4.

Anyway, apart from this below here, I have also compared the Samsung Gear S3 and Gear S4. Read below to find out the Difference among both of these.

Comparison between Samsung Gear S3, and Gear S4:

So, I just thought that it would be really good to let you people compare and observe the differences between Samsung Gear S4 and S3. So, for the better understanding read below to find out.

The first thing is that the Samsung Gear S3 was very bulky, while the Gear S4 will not be that bulky. Samsung is planning to launch the Gear S4 with a slimmer and handier body. It will be lighter in weight and will be way faster with the processor. Another issue that the Samsung Gear S3 had was its battery Life, which not many appreciated, while the Samsung Gear S4 will have a better and a bigger battery which will mean that you can use it for a longer time. Also, you will be able to charge your Gear S4, just by placing it on a special Phone Case.

This phone case will work as the Charging Dock, so you won’t have to look for your Charging Dock whenever you run out of battery. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? So, yes these are some of the great Features of Comparison between Samsung Gear S3, and Gear S4.

Summary and Index of this post about Samsung Gear S4:

So, as a conclusion, we can quote that the Samsung Gear S4 is going to be a great device. It has all the features which anyone would look for in a Smartwatch, and then the performance, the appearance and everything else is just on point. As I quoted in a section above, that Samsung just might be launching the Samsung Gear S4 in August 2018, competing against the Apple Watch 3, the fight is going to look good for sure. With all the New Features and Exciting specifications, we all wait for the Samsung Gear S4 to hit the market soon.

Also, don’t forget to have a look at the Index below.


  1. What do we want to know about Gear S4?
  2. Samsung Gear S4 Release Date
  3. Gear S4 Expected Price
  4. Samsung Gear S4 Specifications/Features
  5. Gear S4 Trailer/Demo Video
  6. Exclusive Images of Gear S4, and Information about Design
  7. Comparing Gear S4, and Gear S3
  8. Summary

So, this was it for now about the Samsung Gear S4. I hope you found this article useful and if you did, then share it with your friends as well. Also, stay in touch with TechyFizz for a lot more such stuff regarding Computers and Technology, by Liking our Facebook Page, and Subscribing to our Newsletter.

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