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What is Runtime Broker? Why is Runtime Broker using Too Much Memory?

Runtime Broker Solutions, Runtime Broker is using too much memory

Runtime Broker: Although Microsoft Windows is a clean and highly functional OS, it too lags at times. And when it comes about the drawbacks, lagging is just one of those. Also, I am not being a nagging person, and not saying that Windows OS is bad, which it really is not. I have been using Windows since ever. I am a fan of Windows 10, I loved Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows Vista (oh sorry). Anyway, Windows above anything is an OS which has reached and touched more users than any other Operating System. But, when you create a product to meet the highest number of users, there is at least some scope for error. A Few of those errors causes the Windows OS to Slow down. Runtime Broker causes one such issue.

The thing is that in most cases, Runtime Broker uses Too Much Memory on your CPU. This causes the Processor to slow down a bit, and the system becomes laggy at times. So, what should you do in order to cope with this issue? Well, keep reading and I will help you resolve this issue.

What is Runtime Broker?

Well, I assume that if you are here reading this article, you might already know what it is, or maybe a friend of yours would have told you about it. Well, whatever be the case the answer is my major concern. So, for the same, Runtime broker is an Official Microsoft Process, which first appeared in the Windows 8, and now it has stayed in the Windows 10 as well. What it does is determine whether the universal apps (Metro Apps) from the Windows Store, in Windows 8 which you downloaded or got are declaring all of their permissions as being able to access your location, camera or Microphone.

Now, the thing is that it works in the background only, but why do you see it in the taskbar at times then? That is just temporary and whenever there is a problem going on in any of the Metro Apps, the Runtime Broker appears in your taskbar. It always rises up whenever you are running a Universal App. You can consider it to be a Middleman, who breaks a deal between your PC, and the Universal App on your PC, syncing everything in place along with the Privacy Settings that you have made on your PC.

Why is Runtime Broker Using Too Much Memory?

Well, generally when you are not using any Universal/Metro App, which would cause the Runtime Broker to run, it will occupy hardly 20-30 MBs of Memory of your CPU. While, when you launch a Universal App, this usage of 20-30 MBs, rises up to around 500-700 MBs. This happens because when you are launching a Universal App on your Windows PC, the Runtime Broker has to come to action, and break the deal between your System and the Publisher who’s App you are about to run, along with the Privacy Settings that you have set up.

Why is Runtime Broker using too much Memory

But, when you switch off all the Universal Apps (the ones that you downloaded from the Windows Store), the Runtime Broker is not active and uses only 20-30 MBs of memory. So, you know that whenever the Runtime Broker is using too much Memory on your PC, have a look at the Apps which you have launched. And, then Close the Universal Apps, which you are not currently using.

Is it any Kind of Virus?

Never! Runtime Broker is a Microsoft’s official Core Process for Windows Operating System only. It is somewhat similar to the Windows Modules Installer Worker. As it has some functions to perform on a Windows PC, the Runtime Broker too does the same. But, there too comes a bad situation.

In a situation as bad as I am mentioning, a Virus or a Malware might have forcefully replaced your Stock Runtime Broker on Windows 8/8.1/10 or Windows Server 2016. Also, I have never come across such a case of a Virus replacing RuntimeBroker.exe on a System, still if you want to make sure your PC is safe, kindly follow the steps below.

Open File Location of Runtime Broker


  1. Right-Click the Runtime Broker in the Task Manager.
  2. Also, Check: Download Windows XP Home ISO
  3. Choose Open File Location.
  4. Now, check if the File Location of this RuntimeBroker.exe is the Windows\System32 folder, your computer safe from any viruses which would have replaced the original Runtime Broker.


Correct location of Runtime Broker by default

Also, to be more secure and satisfied, you can always run a Virus Scan on your PC, with the Antivirus Software of your choice.

Runtime Broker is Spiking my CPU Usage: Why?

Whenever your PC is at rest, the Runtime Broker is using only 0% of your CPU. This means that there is no operations involving the Broker. While on the other hand, whenever you are launching a Universal App, the Broker initiates its start and hence it has to use around 20-25% of your CPU. This is just normal behavior and you will notice this everytime you run a Universal App.

But, if in case the Runtime Broker is spiking CPU Usage at most times, even when you are not using any Universal Apps, there are two problems, one of which or both of which might have risen.

Why is Runtime Broker using more CPU memory even when all Universal Apps are closed?[sociallocker]

1. You recently Upgraded to a newer version of Windows:

Well, if you have recently upgraded to the latest version of Windows, then this issue might persist. You might have also noticed that Windows likes to show you tips via notifications. This is the process which makes the Runtime Broker use more CPU memory. To prevent this follow these steps.

Turn off Notifications from Windows for Tips and Tricks as you use windows


  1. Go to Settings>System>Notifications.
  2. Now, turn off the “Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows” option.

2. A Universal App is misbehaving:

To eradicate this issue, you need to first find out which app can it be in the Task Manager. And, then you have to narrow down the app permissions, if the problem still persists, try Reinstalling the App, after deleting it once. And, if the problem isn’t solved by that, then I suggest you should report the problem to the Developer, and also remove the App, if you don’t use it or if it isn’t too important. [/sociallocker]

So, these are the reasons why Runtime Broker is Spiking CPU Usage. I hope this solves some problems for you.

Can I Block or Disable Runtime Broker?

The answer to this question is a straight NO. Also, even if you could, you should never do that. The reason is that Runtime Broker is an essential official Process of Microsoft Windows 8 and above. It is very important as it secures your privacy and settings while you are using third party/Universal Apps on windows. Also, it is very small in size and doesn’t occupy even a single MB of your Memory when you are not using any Universal Apps.

Kill Runtime Broker in Task Manager, How to Disable Runtime Broker

So, there is no actual feasible reason for you to disable Runtime Broker. Still, if you ever feel that your Runtime Broker is misbehaving, you can simply kill its Process by Right Clicking on it in the Task Manager, and then choose end Task.

After you do this, the Runtime Broker will restart on its own, and be fine. Just remember that till the time it doesn’t restart, you won’t be able to access any Universal Apps.

Summary and Index:

After reading so much about the Runtime Broker, you would have come to know that it is an essential, core and Official Windows Process, which keeps your system secure, and safeguards your Privacy settings the best that it can. This is the reason you should never consider removing/disabling it, although you can’t even do that. Just follow the steps that I mentioned in the sections above, to optimize your PC’s tasks in the right way.

Also, read the Index to make sure, you didn’t miss out on anything important.


  • What is Runtime Broker?
  • Why is it Using too much Memory?
  • Is it a virus?
  • Runtime Broker is Spiking my CPU Usage: Why?
  • Can I Block or Disable it?
  • Summary

So, this was it for now. Here, you read everything important and relevant about the Runtime Broker. I hope you found this article useful. Also, if you did, then share it with people who you feel will need this one. And, stay in touch with us for a lot more such content, by Following us on Social Media, and Subscribing to our Newsletter.

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