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Portforward Network Utilities Download (Free) for PC

Portforward Network Utilities

Portforward Network Utilities Free: When you use a PC, there are many software programmes, which you need to perform several functions on your Computer. No doubt, Microsoft, and Apple have added many such useful Softwares in their OS itself, still, there are situations when these In-built Softwares are of no good use. And, that is when you need to Download some additional Softwares. Portforward Network Utilities is one such Software. And, if you are looking for a place to Download it from, then this is where you can easily do that from.

Also, apart from just the Download link, you will get to read a lot about Port forward Network Utilities, which will give you a good idea about the whole package.

Portforward Network Utilities – Introduction:

Well, as I said you will get to Download the Software from here, it is my duty to first inform you about what does it really do. Well, for the same, Portforward Network Utilities is a Software which when you Download, connects to the Internet, and then adds a Windows Firewall exception. These utilities make the Router, function the best with the Windows OS. So, you know it is one useful tool. Read about a few features below.

Portforward Network Utilities Features:-

  • Static IP Address Setter: Enables you to quickly change your IP Address to and from Static and Dynamic.
  • Double Router Detector: Detects, if you have more than 1 Router.
  • PfConfig: Creates a Portforward in your Router for connecting to your Network from outside.
  • Password Finder: Enables you to recover old-lost Router or Security Camera Passwords.
  • Open Port Checker: Verify that your Ports are forwarded to your Computer.

So, these were some of the most important Portforward Network Utility Features. No doubt this tool is one great utility, and to Download its Free version, scroll down.

Portforward Network Utilities Technical Details, and System Requirements:

Again, as you know that for Running any Software, before actually having the Software in your Hand, you need to know if your System is compatible. You need to understand that for every Software, there is a Set of System Requirements, and if your PC doesn’t abide, then that Software is not fit for your System. So, to make sure that your PC can Run the Portforward Network Utilities, have a look at the System Requirements below.

Technical Details:

  • Software Name: Portforward Network Utilities (SetupPortForwardNetworkUtilities.exe)
  • Type of Setup: Offline/Standalone Full Setup
  • Developer: Portforward (Lone Author)

System Requirements: [sociallocker]

  • OS: Windows XP or Later
  • Hard Disk Space: At least 100 MB Free Space
  • Minimum RAM: 256 MB
  • Processor: Single Core or better (Multicore/Faster) [/sociallocker]

So, as you see these were some of the Most Important Technical Details and System Requirements of Portforward Network Utilities. Now, you might be aware if your PC is compatible to Run these Utilities, and if it is, then what are you waiting for? Read below, and find the Download link as well.

Portforward Network Utilities Download (Free) for PC:

So, as I mentioned in the sections above, about what does this utility package really do, I am sure you by now have made up your mind if you really need this Software or Not. Although I am sharing with you a Download Link, the link will give you the Portforward Network Utilities Free Version. So, if you want to Download Port forward Network Utilities, then click on the link below for the same.

Download Portforward Network’s Utilities:-

So, this was the link for you to Download Portforward Utilities from. I hope you didn’t have any problem Downloading the same from this source. Also, the next step now is to Set it up and to do the same you need to follow these steps.

How to Install?

  1. Double Click on the Setup (SetupPortForwardNetworkUtilities.exe).
  2. A dialogue Box in Windows will appear, asking for your Permission to let this Software make changes to your PC. Click Yes.
  3. Run the Portforward Network Installer.

Portforward Network Utility Installation and Usage

And, there you saw How to Install these Portforward (Network) Utilities. It was quite easy, right? Well, still if you have had any problems while Installation, feel free to leave a comment below or mail to us regarding the same.

More about Portforward Network Utilities – Overview, and Demo Video:

Port-forward Network Utilities is one of the most popular Network Utility Software in the USA. More than 50% of the utility users, use this tool on their PC. The major part of which is running the version 2.9 of this Software, on Windows 8. It has been the most compatible with the Windows 8 and has worked just fine with the older versions of Microsoft Windows. To watch the Demo Video of Portforward Network Utilities, scroll down just a bit.

Tutorial Video of Portforward Utilities:-

So, this was it for now. Here, you read a lot about the Network Utilities by Portforward. I hope you found this post useful. Have a look at the Index below, to make sure you didn’t miss out on anything Important.

Index of this Post – Everything about Portforward Network Utilities:

So, this was about How to Download, Install, and hence use the Network Utility tools by Portforward. I believe this was a useful post for you, and suggest you have a look at the Index below, to be sure that you didn’t miss out on anything important here.


  1. Introduction
  2. Features of Port-forward Network Utilities
  3. Technical Details
  4. System Requirements
  5. Link to Download Portforward Network Utilities Free
  6. How to Install Port-forward Network Utilities?
  7. Overview of Port Forward Network Utilities
  8. Tutorial on How to Use these Network Utilities

So, this was all about Portforward Network Tools. I hope you found this article useful, and if you did, then don’t forget to Upvote it, and connecting with us on Facebook. Also, Subscribe to our Newsletter for the latest Technology Updates.

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