Persona 5 Romance Options: The confidants available for Romantic Relationships

Persona 5 Romance Options

Persona 5 Romance: For all of the gamers who love a good challenge and look forward to slaying the evil from the world, Persona 5 serves you this and much more! The protagonist encounters several repugnant adults and sets out on a path to avenge and reform along with numerous compatriots who seek freedom, liberation, and justice living a double-barrelled life as mutinous Phantom Thieves Of Hearts.

Let’s have a brief overview of the game before we jump onto Persona 5: Romance Options.

Brief Overview of Persona 5:

A fantasy game based on reality, Persona 5 is the sixth game in the Persona series developed by Atlus (P-Studio) and can be played on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The protagonists along with several other confidants, all high school boys and girls come to the realization that the world is infested with servility, oppression, and inequity governed by depraved and twisted adults. They are inevitably doomed to a fate of enslavement.

But in order to live a life of autonomy and a fair shake, they undertake bizarre ventures by putting to use their otherworldly powers and entering the hearts of the decadent adults especially of high power and transforming them. The Phantom Thieves Of Hearts (protagonist and his confidants) realize that the society disguises their true self in order to hide their inner vulnerabilities and only by ripping off this mask will they be able to awaken the true inner strength and help those in need.

They collectively try to create a utopian world. This brief overview will help you understand the gist of the popular game Persona 5. Moving on to the cardinal detail- Persona 5 Romance Options.

Beside social stats of Proficiency, Charm, Knowledge, Guts, and Kindness, you will want to make the most of the constrained time you have with your confidants and social links since it rewards you with additional story details, possible romance options, and combat boosts. There are 21 confidants in the game who gradually show up as the game progresses. With some of the confidants, your rank will elevate itself with time but with others, interaction is required.

It is recommended to have a rank of 2 with all the party members so as to enable you to use ‘Baton Pass’ during the fights. In order to jack up your rank and have some possible romance options, you have the option to give the confidants a gift. There are specific things that they love receiving and it boosts your social link progress. Given below is the list of Romance Options, pertinent items that a particular confidant prefers and its location.

Persona 5 Romance Options:

Several of the confidants in the Persona 5 are available for Romance Options, it is possible to get romantically involved with more than one confidant but it is not advisable as it might have some adverse consequences at the end of the game. There is no special requirement to romance a character, at the time of your eight to nine interaction with the characters, you will be given a choice to get romantically involved with them or remain completely platonic. Romance is entirely optional. The confidants that the protagonist can indulge in a romantic relationship with are listed. The Romance options in Persona 5 are:

  1. Makoto Niijima
  2. Haru Okamura
  3. Ann Takamaki
  4. Futaba Sakura
  5. Chihaya Mifune
  6. Tae Takemi
  7. Oya Ichiko
  8. Hifumi Togo
  9. Sadayo Kawakami

Below is the list of the particular potential romance option with her location, gift preferences and how to romance her.

1. Ann Takamaki:

Location: Shubuya Underground Mall (April 4)

Ann Takamaki

Gifts: Chocolates, cake, pudding, lipstick, and perfume are all available from Shibuya Underground Mall.

To romance Ann Takamaki, increase her confidant rank to 9. Moreover hangout with her and increase your kindness level to 2.

After reaching the confidant rank 9, choose one of the two dialogue options:

  1. Choose “You have me” to romance her.
  2. Choose “You have the others” to establish your relationship.

2. Makoto Nijima:

Location: 3rd Floor Library ( Upon completion of Castle of Lust)

Makoto Nijima

Gifts: Book cover and classical works from Shibuya Underground Mall.

To romance Makoto Nijima, talk to her in the library and increase her confidant rank to 9. However, before speaking to her, talk to the man outside Shinjuku BookStore followed by speaking to Makoto Nijima. After selecting “I will be your study partner”, select ‘I do’ to start the relationship.

3. Futuba Sakura:

Location: Hermit Arcana (August 8)

Futaba Sakura

Gifts: Vest from Shibuya Underground Mall, and bike figurine and character goods from Tokobushiya in Akihabara.

To romance Futaba Sakura, you need at least 4 in Kindness. From there, accept whenever she invites you and finds her near Cafe Leblanc. After a little while, you should be able to see the two options:

  1. Select “Because I love you” to romance her.
  2. Select “Because we are teammates” to establish a friendship.

4. Haru Okamura:

Location: Automatically Found

Haru Okumura

Gifts: Vase from Shibuya Underground Mall.

After establishing the social rank, head to the school rooftop and have at least confidant rank 7 to start the romance. You basically need to accept all the invitations and respond positively to her advances.

5. Tae Takemi:

Location: Cafe LeBlanc

Tae Takemi

Gifts: Cactus, cake, chocolate, and fan from Shibuya Underground Mall, and mug from Shinjuku General Store.

After meeting her, agree to take part in the medical study. You will also need to be at rank 2 Guts and rank 4 Charm to pursue the relationship with her. Reach rank 8 Charm to complete the bad medicine.

You will get the options of either selecting “I love you” or “I wanted to see you” to start an intimate relationship with the doctor.

6. Sadayo Kawakami:

Location: Found Automatically

Sadayo Kawaakami

Gifts: Perfume, fragrance gift, and cake from Shibuya Underground mall, and mirror from Shinjuku General Store.

Before calling Sadayo Kawakami for the first time, make sure you have got enough Guts. From this point onwards, try to call her more often and reach confidant rank 8. Once done, complete A Teacher Maid to Suffer to reach confidant rank 9. Now, all that remains if for you to select “I want to keep seeing you,”  “I mean what I say,” “I am a man and you are a woman,” to start the relationship.


Location: Found on June 26th

Hifumi Togo

Gifts: Book cover, fan, pudding, classical works, and fragrance gift from Shibuya Underground Mall.

To start romancing Hifumi Togo, you will need rank 3 Charm and rank 5 Knowledge. After completing Upstaging the Stage Mother, select “I want to stay by your side,” and “I want us to date,” to start the relationship.

8. Chihaya Mifune:

Location: Fortune telling in Shinjuku (Night)

Chihaya Mifune

Gifts: Vase from Shibuya Underground Mall, and mirror and basket from Shinjuku General Store.

After meeting Chihaya Mifune, spend One hundred thousand Yen to buy a stone and return to complete Ending the boyfriend abuse. Once done, continue to rank up with her. During the course of your journey, select ‘Encourage her,’ ‘Overturn your date,’ ‘Follow his heart,’ and ‘Thieves may steal her away.’ After that, continue to hang out with her, accept her invitations and complete The Bunking the Psychic. Lastly, select “So I can be with you” to start a romance with her.

9. Oya Ichiko:

Location: Crossroads Bar in Shinjuku (June 22nd)

Oya Ichiko, Ichiko Oya

Gifts: Cactus, fan, pudding, and fragrance gift from Shibuya Underground Mall, and pen and mug from Shibuya General Store.

After establishing the social link, accept her invitations and hang out with her as much as possible. After you have completed Fighting for Truth in Journalism, select “I took it seriously,” and “I love you” as she goes to start the relationship.

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