Persona 5: Fusing Flauros with Tarukaja

Persona 5 Fusing Flarous with Tarukaja

Persona 5: Fusing Flauros: The role-playing video game, Persona 5 revolves around a silent high-schooler protagonist who along with some other high school students are the Vigilante Phantom Thieves Of Hearts. The Phantom Thieves try to bring about a change of heart in the evil adults with malevolent intentions and criminals, urging them for the confession of their crimes by taking away their ‘treasure’ from their palaces in the supernatural realm, Metaverse. The Phantom Thieves Of Hearts harness personas, which is the physical manifestations of their inner psyche. The protagonist can raise his character attributes, improve his relationships with other characters of Phantom Thieves of Hearts which in turn, unlocks numerous abilities that can be used in a combat, like ‘Baton Pass’ ability. Since it is a social simulation game, the protagonist can also improve ranks with Non-Party Confidants which grants him bonuses such as access to a new equipment or item, increasing experience points and Yen gain.

New Personas can be gained battling through a successful negotiation. Different persona Class are depicted through different Arcana associated to Confidant Links. The Personas can be combined or ‘fused’ or further manipulation is also possible in the Velvet Room. The Personas can be fused through ‘Guillotine’ fusion processes in the Velvet Room, resulting in a new Persona inheriting its characteristics from the Parent Personas. The more the skills of the Parent Persona, the more are passed down to the new fused persona. The strength of the New fused persona is determined by the advancement of its associated Confidant Links.

Fusing Flauros with Tarukaja – Introduction:

For jacking up the Strength Confidant with the Twin Sentinels- Caroline and Justin, merely interaction won’t serve the purpose, creation of a particular persona with specific abilities is required.

For Fusing a Flauros with Tarukaja through guillotine fusion process, you will need to create Flauros.

Fuse Berith + Eligor + Andras.

One of them should be holding Tarukaja skill. And you should be at least on level 25 for your Flauros to be on the same level.

Once presented to Caroline and Justin, they will grant you Rank 4 in the Strength Confidant.

The following table, Persona 5 Fusion Calculator will help you for the process-

1 Arsene Fool
2 Jack-o’-lantern Magician
2 Pixie Lovers
3 Agathion Chariot
3 Mandrake Death
4 Bicorn Hermit
5 Incubus Devil
6 Kelpie Strength
6 Saki Mitama Lovers
6 Silky Priestess
7 Genbu Temperance
7 Succubus Moon
8 Obariyon Fool
9 Berith Hierophant
9 Hua Po Hanged Man
9 Koropokkuru Hermit
9 Mokoi Death
10 Andras Devil
10 Regent Emperor
10 Slime Chariot
11 Apsaras Priestess
11 Jack Frost Magician
11 Kodama Star
11 Koppa Tengu Temperance
12 Angel Justice
12 Onmoraki Moon
13 Ippon-Datara Hermit
14 Inugami Hanged Man
14 Kusi Mitama Strength
15 Makami Temperance
15 Queen’s Necklace Empress
16 Archangel Justice
16 Eligor Emperor
16 High Pixie Fool
16 Kaguya Moon
16 Shiisaa Chariot
17 Nekomata Magician
17 Orobas Hierophant
17 Sudama Hermit
19 Leanen Sidhe Lovers
19 Matador Death
19 Oni Strength
19 Suzaku Sun
20 Izanagi Fool
20 Nigi Mitama Temperance
20 Nue Moon
20 Stone of Scone Fortune
20 Yaksini Empress
21 Orthrus Hanged Man
21 Shiki-Ouji Chariot
22 Phoenix Hierophant
23 Fuu-ki Star
23 Izanagi Picaro Fool
24 Naga Hermit
24 Rakshasa Strength
24 Sandman Magician
24 Sui-Ki   Moon
25 Anzu Hierophant
25 Flauros Devil
25 Jikokuten Temperance
25 Kaguya Picaro Moon
25 Kin-Ki Chariot
25 Koh-i-Noor Priestess
26 Clotho Fortune
26 Isis Priestess
26 Lamia Empress
26 Orpheus Fool
28 Choronzon Magician
28 Setanta Emperor
29 Ame-no-Uzume Lovers
29 Black Ooze Moon
29 Orpheus Picaro Fool
29 Pisaca Death
29 Principality Justice
29 Take-Minakata Hanged Man
30 Ariadne Fortune
30 Neko Shogun Star
30 Orlov Strength
31 Ara Mitama Chariot
31 Zouchouten Strength
32 Decarabia Fool
32 Jatayu Tower
32 Lilim Devil
33 Mithra Temperance
33 Mothman Moon
34 Lachesis Fortune
35 Arahabaki Hermit
35 Emperor’s Amulet Hanged Man
36 Kaiwan Star
36 Thoth Emperor
37 Anubis Judgement
37 Belphegor Tower
38 Legion Fool
39 Atropos Fortune
39 Hell Biker Death
39 Mithras Sun
39 Unicorn Hierophant
39 White Rider Chariot
40 Hariti Empress
40 Hope Diamond Death
40 Kikuri-Hime Priestess
41 Power Justice
41 Red Rider Tower
42 Ariadne Picaro Fortune
42 Daisoujou Hierophant
42 Hecatoncheires Hanged Man
42 Kumbhanda Hermit
42 Kushinada-Hime Lovers
42 Ose Fool
42 Yurlungur Sun
43 Ananta Star
43 Pazuzu Devil
43 Queen Mab Magician
44 Girimehkala Moon
44 Magatsu-Izanagi Tower
44 Okuninushi Emperor
44 Valkyrie Strength
45 Scathach Priestess
46 Fortuna Fortune
48 Magatsu-Izanagi Picaro Tower
48 Rangda Magician
49 Bugs Fool
49 Byakko Temperance
49 Horus Sun
49 Koumokuten Hermit
50 Crystal Skull Fool
50 Dakini Empress
50 Narcissus Lovers
50 Sarasvati Priestess
50 Tsukiyomi Moon
51 Seth Tower
52 Barong Emperor
52 Garuda Star
52 Norn Fortune
53 Ganesha Sun
53 Pale Rider Death
55 Cerberus Chariot
55 Raja Naga Temperance
55 Skadi Priestess
55 Tsukiyomi Picaro Moon
56 Asterius Fortune
56 Kurama Tengu Hermit
56 Parvati Lovers
56 Titania Empress
57 Yatagarasu Sun
58 Baphomet Devil
59 Black Rider Tower
59 Surt Magician
60 Lilith Moon
60 Melchizedek Justice
60 Moloch Hanged Man
61 Dionysus Fool
61 King Frost Emperor
62 Asterius Picaro Fortune
62 Chernobog Death
62 Nebiros Devil
62 Seiryu Temperance
63 Forneus Hierophant
63 Quetzalcoatl Sun
64 Hanuman Star
64 Thor Chariot
64 Yamata-no-Orochi Judgement
65 Thanatos Death
66 Oberon Emperor
67 Bishamonten Hierophant
67 Black Frost Fool
67 Cu Chulainn Star
68 Belial Devil
68 Dominion Justice
68 Vasuki Hanged Man
69 Lakshmi Fortune
69 Siegfried Strength
69 Thanatos Picaro Death
71 Throne Justice
72 Mot Death
73 Cybele Priestess
73 Mara Tower
74 Abaddon Judgement
75 Baal Emperor
75 Ongyo-Ki Hermit
75 Sandalphon Moon
76 Asura-Ou Sun
76 Futsunushi Magician
76 Kohryu Hierophant
77 Gabriel Temperance
77 Kali Empress
78 Raphael Lovers
79 Alice Death
79 Yoshitsune Tower
80 Mother Harlot Empress
80 Sraosha Star
80 Zaou-Gongen Strength
81 Messiah Judgement
81 Uriel Justice
82 Attic Hanged Man
82 Odin Emperor
82 Shiva Judgement
83 Vishnu Fool
84 Ardha Temperance
84 Beelzebub Devil
85 Ishtar Lovers
85 Mada Tower
86 Chi You Chariot
87 Michael Judgement
89 Metatron Justice
90 Messiah Picaro Judgement
92 Satan Judgement
93 Lucifer Star
95 Satanael Fool

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