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How to use Periscope on PC, How to Download Periscope for PC

Periscope for PC: Live Video Streaming has already become a thing in these days. Every YouTube Creator, Facebook Celebrity, Instagram Model, or Viner uses Live Videos to interact better with their audience. All of it makes sense, but then all of that is done with different Apps, which might not be the best places for streaming Live Videos out loud, to the Audience. Well, Periscope does the work here. But, what if you want to use it on PC? I have a good news there, with the help of this article, you can learn How to use Periscope for PC.

Also, apart from that, you will get to read a lot more about the Periscope App, including its Key Features, and everything else that matters.

Introduction – Periscope App:

Periscope, a live video streaming app for Android and iOS is one of the most reliable, user-friendly and innovative app you will come across. Developed by Kavyon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein, it got launched on 26 May 2015 by Twitter. The app had 10 million accounts within the first four months of its launch. To say it was a success is putting it mildly, the app was immensely profitable so Twitter integrated it as a feature in its main account.  What makes it so popular among the masses? Let’s take a look.

Key Features of Periscope:

There was a time when people had to rely on textual data to give them an account of what happened at a historical event, or solely on the verbal description of a spectator. People always wanted more of the finer details since much was left to the imagination. Those are the things of the past. With the launch of this app, people could broadcast live videos and interact with people through comments and emoticons. It brought the world closer, it was first of its kind. Few of the main features that make this app so appealing to the masses are listed below:

  • Operating System: It supports iOS, tvOS, and Android. It can be freely downloaded from any of these operating systems.
  • The user gets to sign up using his phone number and add friends through many social platforms such as email, phone number, Facebook, Twitter and so on.
  • It comes with the exuberant amount of social features such as social news feed, sharing of the location, personalization of the timeline, user reviews, sending digital gifts and the list goes on.
  • It displays it’s content in HD format and supports multiple languages.
  • Users can stream popular live videos around the world and search for broadcasts by location or topic.
  • Periscope supports video group messaging and the sharing of the media privately or anonymously as well.
  • Users can share their live video streams to Twitter and other social networking sites.
  • The videos are easy to make and broadcast. The user can choose the audience for his broadcast by creating a watchlist.
  • Users are provided with an option of LBB( limited by broadcaster) which enables them to disallow comments.
  • The user can follow a maximum of 8,000 people and can block people from viewing his content. If a person gets blocked by four people or more, he is shadowbanned.
  • Users can delete old posts and replay highlights of the video streams they have missed out on.

These are some really good features, aren’t these? What more can one ask for? Well, maybe about the Procedure to Download Periscope on PC, and Install it? Keep reading if you want to know more about it.

How to Download Periscope for PC?

You can download Periscope on your mobile phones using app store in iOS and Google play store for Android. Twitter has also integrated Periscope with it’s main app. You can download Twitter for PC using the link below.

Periscope for PC, Periscope on PC
Periscope on PC

But is there any way for downloading Periscope for PC? Yes, there are a few ways by which people can experience this amazing app on their laptops and PCs. Let’s have a look:

  1. There is an official web app of Periscope which enables you to view archived videos and some selected video broadcasts. Users can log in to their Periscope accounts and share a comment and view some videos but the functionality is very limited and provides constrained experience since it lacks many key features offered in the mobile version. So the other more sophisticated and efficient ways are listed below.
  2. Chrome plugin enables the Android apps to run in Chrome web browser. It is called App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) and can be downloaded from Chrome web store. The link is given below.
    i. Download Google Chrome and install it: 
    Use the link given below to download Google Chrome on your PC. After the file is downloaded successfully, launch the file and it’s the latest version will install on your PC and you will see Google Chrome icon on your home screen.
    ii. Installing App Runtime for Chrome (ARC):
    From chrome web store, just add ARC welder to the chrome. There is a blue add button to the chrome on the top-right corner, press on it and add ARC to the chrome.
    iii. Download Periscope APK file:
    It is not possible to download Android apps using the play store by ARC, only APK files work through it. Use APKMirror to download the latest APK file for the periscope.
    iv. Loading of the APK file in ARC: 
    Click on the bookmark bar provided in Google Chrome and open ARC from app buttons. The ARC screen will pop up asking for the permission to download the APK file, select the file and press the test button for it to start and Periscope App will appear.
  1. Through Android Emulator (Ko player, Bluestacks, Andy):
    Given below are the links through which you can download one or the other Android Emulator for running your APK file. It is one of the easiest ways to launch apps using PC.
  2. Screen Mirroring:
    You can download All Cast Receiver for Chrome or just install AirDroid 3, it has the unique feature of AirMirror. The links are given below. After it’s download completion, for the Periscope to work on your PC, connect your Android smartphone and the PC to the same wireless connection and start AirMirror.

Periscope and the Competitive Market:

The Periscope was first of its kind to let people broadcast their videos live no matter where they were at that moment. It was acclaimed by Apple as the iOS app of the year back in 2015. And, then people started looking for the Periscope for PC. The reason for the same is that using an App, or a Website on PC, makes it more easily usable and gives a wider visibility for you to make changes, or to implement commands as well.

But, then with the advent of apps such as Facebook, Instagram and many more, the competition is skyrocketing and the demands on these apps are intense and pressing. Users look for apps which are easy to use, efficient with impressive features and serves their purpose well. Periscope is slow in its updates whereas other apps are like hungry mongrels looking for what ticks the users and delve headfirst and give it to them. Despite its slowing popularity, it’s enjoying a huge mass of faithful users who use it over any other app because of the features it provides.

So if you haven’t tried it already, you must give it a try!

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