Madden for PC – Madden PC Overview, Review, and Launch

Madden for PC, Madden PC, Madden 18 for PC

Madden 18 for PC: The very famous NFL Game with the Name Madden has won many hearts after its release on XBox and PlayStation 4. The reason is the amazing game itself. NFL, as we all know in itself, is a huge brand. And, for those who don’t know, NFL stands for the National Football League. They have been launching out their games, with the name Madden for a few years, and the latest is the Madden 2018. But, the one thing with Madden is that EA Games, which is the Global Distributor of Madden, doesn’t Publish the Game for PC. The reason? I will come to that in this article. For now, let me tell you that this article is about Madden for PC.

So, here you will get to read everything relating to that. I will try to be as informative and factious as possible. So, let’s get started, right?

Madden PC – Introduction:

As I said in the section above, Madden is a Game by EA Sports, which is based on the Sports Event NFL. National Football League in the first place is the American Football Tournament which has the some of the greatest Football watching audiences in the world. It is famous on all levels, be it Schools, Colleges, Offices, or Homes. People are quite in love with the Sport, the Players, and their Favourite Teams. Although Baseball isn’t any less when you talk about the Favourites, still a Football Fan like me would skip a Baseball Match for an NFL Match.

Anyway, the point here is Madden PC. So, NFL and EA Sports, collaborated together to bring out an amalgam of a Game and named it Madden. It was in the year 1988 when EA Sports made the first NFL, and that was the time when it first appeared. The launch took place somewhere in 1990. And, since then, they haven’t looked back. The quality has improved, and they have consistently been giving out great Madden versions.

Madden for PC – Madden 18 Overview and Trailer:

The first thing everyone wants to know about any New version of a Game is Whats New in it? When you first came to know about the Launch of Madden 18, didn’t you have this question in your Mind? Well, I too feel that it is very important to answer this question. And, that is why I will do the same. Let us have a look at everything to know What’s New in Madden 18: [sociallocker]

  • Addition of Mut Squads: Team-up with your Friends as 3 vs 3 and Play in the Madden Ultimate Team.
  • Play Online Now: The new addition to the Features is the Play Online Feature. You can now Play all weekly matches using Live updates.
  • New Play Styles: I seriously recommend you to go Buy the game for this one.
  • Adjust the Plans: As every NFL Game requires a strategy, there are times when you just might need to change one. The New Madden PC provides you this feature. Now, revise your Strategies on the Go.
  • Pass to Anyone: In the earlier Madden versions, your Passing ability had a limit of throwing at your open wide receiver. Now, you can throw to anyone you want. Just choose wisely.[/sociallocker]

So, you see these were some of the major new additions to the Gameplay of Madden. Also, Madden for PC isn’t yet available, but when you will play these games on your XBox or PlayStation 4, you will get to know How amazing the game is. By the way, have a look below at the Madden 18 Trailer, to get an idea of How does it really look.

Madden 18 Trailer:

So, this was about the Madden PC, Overview, and Trailer. Read below for the Reviews.

Madden 18 Reviews:

Unlike many other Football Games, Madden isn’t just about Glorifying the Characters. Although it has given enough weight and importance to whosoever deserved it, still, it is all about being as Just as possible. And, to be brutally honest, if you have played the earlier versions of Madden, you might not find too many changes.

Although, EA Sports have reported that the Madden 18 has many new additions to the Gameplay, still most of the things stay the same way as those were. If you are a Madden or NFL Enthusiast, I am sure you are going to Love this one like anything, but if you are just around the Fence to be falling for this one, I’d suggest you stay there. The Game has some really better Graphics, and the performance is way too better than the previous versions, still, the Team at EA Sports seems not to have really worked up the Story of the game.

Summary/Story of the Game:-

Making it a Cliche, it includes a Smalltown Football Enthusiast Boy, who wants to make it large, with Glitter in his eyes. He works hard to get into an NFL Team and then gets the First Break to amaze many Eye Balls. I’d suggest you watch the Trailer to get a better idea of what the actual Story might be.

And overall Speaking whether it is Madden XBox, PS 4, or Madden PC, it is going to be really good. Yes, the story is somewhat the same still it is exciting.

Madden for PC – When is it coming out?

Well, the truth is no matter How famous a Game becomes on the PS or XBox, the demand always stays on the PC as well. If a Game is unavailable on PC, it is failing at a point, right? Well, not everyone thinks that way. The Senior Vice President of the EA Sports, Matt Bilbey in an interview quoted that “The Launch of a Game for PC Depends totally on Demand. Not that people don’t want NFL Madden PC to come out soon, but most of the popularity as a Football game stays in FIFA’s Pockets globally, while NFL isn’t famous around the world. Still, if the demand ever rises enough, we will be Happy to bring out Madden for PC.”

Madden 18 Gameplay, Madden 18 for PC
Madden 18 Gameplay

That is where his words about Madden PC ended. Still satisfying, right? Still, I just hope the Madden 18 for PC soon comes out, and we can all Play the Game on our PCs. And before it does, we have it on the XBox and PlayStation 4. To Buy Madden 18, check out the links below.

Buy Madden 18:-

So, this was it for now. Here, you read a lot about the Madden PC. Check out the Index below to make sure, you didn’t miss out on anything important.

Index of this Post – Everything about Madden for PC:

Now, that you have reached this point, I am sure you read everything important that was on this page, regarding Madden PC, and still, if you didn’t or missed out on anything, have a look at the Index, to find out what was it.


  1. Introduction
  2. Madden 18 – Overview, and Trailer
  3. Reviews of Madden 18
  4. Madden PC – When is it coming out?
  5. Links to Buy Madden 18

So, this was all you needed to know about the Madden for PC. Madden is a Game which will make you feel like a Real Struggler, and then a Real Star, and at the end of the day, it is about what you choose to feel. I hope you found this article useful, and if you did then share it with your friends. Also, Stay in touch with a lot more such content by Subscribing to our Newsletter.

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