Little Nightmares: Story Unveiled

Story of Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares Story: If you have heard about or played Little Nightmares and it left you confused and flustered, this is the article that will help you unveil the mystery behind the game itself. Let’s delved into the story headfirst.

Brief Overview of Little Nightmares:

A puzzle-platformer horror adventure game, Little Nightmares was developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. A story of a hungry little girl named Six who is trapped in a mysterious vessel known as The Maw. Let us take a deeper look at the intricacies, plot and the story itself.

Little Nightmares Story Unveiled:

The plot of Little Nightmares is murky and unclear, some otherworldly powers are at play in the game and the protagonist is somewhat of a mystery. Little Nightmares is particularly different from other games of its league such as Five Nights at Freddy’s, Slender: The eight pages, Tattletail and Bendy and the Ink Machine because it is not played in the first person.

We get to see the game as a third person while the protagonist runs away from the Maw. Rather than holding the mystery about other characters or the setting of the game, Little Nightmares holds a mystery around its main character, the protagonist Six.

The game starts with a short dark cutscene whereas the screen becomes clear we see a lady in the mask turned to look at us. And startled, the protagonist jumps awake who happens to be a small girl wearing a yellow zipper and was sleeping in a suitcase placed in a room which is barren and dark. The suitcase has some photos attached to it.

Six is in a mysterious vessel called Maw and has been in here for a while, long enough that she felt the need to decorate her deplorable home with photos. As we start going to the other rooms, we get to comprehend the monstrosity of this place. It’s gigantic and the protagonist Six looks tiny but as she starts climbing up stairs, the stairs are exactly suited for her size and doesn’t make her look small at all. A couple of rooms later, Six encounters a dead body of a human hanging down from the ceiling and there is a chair underneath his hanging body.

There is also a closed envelope lying beside the chair which insinuates that it might have been a suicide. And Six has no reaction to the dead body or the envelope and just pulls the chair towards the door which hints that maybe she has previously ventured till this room in order to escape and it is not an unknown sight to her. Moving forward we see there is a makeshift rope made from the bed sheets hanging down from the window of a room’s bathroom. Once Six climbs up the stairs she finds herself in a playroom and it has no children and it is dark.

The playroom door is blocked by the electric barb and whoever kept children there didn’t want them to leave to the point that they were willing to hurt them. A bit later we find ourselves in a Nursery with a bunch of sleeping children. A blind creature crawls into the Nursery, he has arms sensitive to noise but can’t see at all. So if the protagonist very stealthily moves past the room and we can hear the snoring of the babies in the cribs.

Then as we walk past we come across a prison cafeteria. This indicates that children might be held here against their will for possibly years. As Six Is passing by the cafeteria she succumbs to hunger pangs so severe that she is on the verge of collapsing when luckily a silver-headed figure throws a piece of food from the cafeteria. Six must have been hungry for days and if we she has been trying to get out of this place for long it is possible that she is malnourished and that is why she is so small.

Further along in the game, Six comes across a cabin which must be inhabited by Mr. Noodle arms, he seems like he does The Janitor job. There are many pictures of Gnomes as well in the room as well. Though now the Gnomes are scared to be out in the open and of everybody implying something tragic might have happened. In another fit of hunger, Six finds some food in a cage. A cage that is perfect for capturing children! Since gnomes and the children are of the same size, it is possible that the Gnomes are captured in place of children at times by Mr. Noodle arms since he is blind. Which in turn also explains why the Gnomes are so terrified now.

Now Six finds herself locked in a cage surrounded by other similar cages confining children. As we move forward, we come across Mr. Noodle arms wrapping up dead children and putting them on hooks! So looking at the plot till now we can assume that Six was one of the children who were being confined in The Maw, in an attempt to escape she tried to run away and came across the room with the suitcase and lived there for a while in order to escape the treachery but in desperate need to escape from the Maw, makes her way back to find a way out.

After escaping the creature Mr. Noodle arms or the Janitor, Six plops down into a room to see herself surrounded by a sea of shoes. It evokes Holocaust imagery in mind. It insinuates that there is some massive genocide happening in The Maw. The Maw is not just a death trap, but it traps thousands of a certain type of a person, children. As Six moves forward, Six makes use of the hook Pulley the Janitor used for travelling to one part of the Maw from the other. When Six lands on the other side, she lands on the mountain of body bags of the dead children. As she moves forward, she sees a bloodstained path leading to a door and it opens to a kitchen.

Hundred of children body bags leading up to a bloodstained path into a kitchen and right before this kitchen lied empty body bags. They are using dead children and using them for food. There are Twin Chefs in the kitchen wearing masks. This establishment, the Maw is for fat ugly people to get more cat and ugly by shoving dead children down their throats and if they see you, they will try to catch and eat you. As we scale our way into the dining hall, we catch a quick glimpse of a woman looking over a crowd, the same woman we saw at our nightmare in the beginning.

Little Nightmares Story Unveiled

Judging by the way she is looking over the crowd and the nightmare, it only seems plausible that she is the owner of this place, The Maw. As we progress, we find a bathroom with a one way Mirror. As we move further in the game, we come to her quarters. There are many pictures on the wall, of the Maw itself and a little girl. Guessing from how easily Six has been able to move around in The Maw that Six Is the daughter of The lady and hasn’t been captured in The Maw but has always lived here.

Ultimately Six ends up in a battle with her mother, and her only defense is the unbroken mirror. Using this mirror, Six disables her mother,  eats her and ends up gaining all the lady’s powers. All the mirrors that we encounter in the game except the unbroken mirror in the bathroom of the Lady’s quarters are broken. Six with her newfound powers to absorb souls lives, and energies walk through the Maw, killing as she walks and exits the ship.

The Lady in the mask tried to kill all the beautiful people in the world, the people she is supporting and feeding are all ugly obscene monsters. She hides her face because she is ashamed of it and she has cooks wear makes to make them seem like abominations. She lost her beauty and in order to regain it and become beautiful again, she started killing all the beautiful people and beautiful babies. Her only problem was her daughter who was way more prettier than her and when she couldn’t take it she took Six to the nursery to be bought up and end up like other children.

Only Six escaped and survived and came back later to avenge all the dead children and her own self. A genocide in name of the beauty, a woman having an evil heart. A child knowing her mother’s one true weakness- her own hideous face.

There are numerous other theories regarding Little Nightmares. Leave a comment if you have any queries regarding the article or want us to cover more on this game. Like and share if it proved helpful. Stay tuned for more gaming updates.

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