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Kik Online: In the year 2010, on October 19, a Canadian Company rose with the name Kik Interactive. I don’t really know what were the other preneurs of the company, but Kik Messenger seems to be an achievement. If you ever used Omegle (Okay, I did for a while), then you might be aware of what Kik is. Kik Messenger is a Chatting App, which lets you meet and talk to users over its servers, and with its interface, and then chat with them. This is a platform, to interact on which, you would just need to know the username of the person, who you want to chat with. This would always keep your Personal, and Contact Information as Private as you would want it to be. And, when you get to use it on PC, it gets better. But, Kik for PC, is too hard to find.

Still, let us see what follows on our pursuit to find Kik or an alternative of Kik on PC. In this article, you will get to read and know about everything remotely, and closely relating to Kik for PC Online. So, keep reading, and don’t worry.

Introduction to Kik for PC:

Now, as I mentioned in the section above, Kik is an App for Android, Windows Phone, and iPhones. What this App does is quite similar to the function of WhatsApp, just that to use Kik, you don’t have to share your Phone Number with anyone. To use Kik, when you will sign up, you will be asked to create a Username, with which you can log in every time, and which you can share with anyone, who you want to chat with on Kik. Sounds cool, right? Well, it is. This is the reason why Girls used to feel a bit safer talking on Kik, instead of WhatsApp, to a new friend, as Kik doesn’t require a Phone Number strictly. But, the problem here is how to use Kik for PC?

The thing with Kik on PC Online will be that, if this becomes possible, you will be able to use Kik even without having a Smartphone. This would simply mean, that you won’t need to install their App, but can instead just use it on a website, or a PC Software or whatever be available. I know this is a good idea, but how successful is it going to be, is the major question here. Well, let us seek the answers below.

Kik for PC App All Features:

Okay, so after you know what Kik for PC Online is, I really think you should know a bit more about all of its features, and that too with some good details. So, read below, as I am writing for those.

All Features:

  • Scan QR Codes to Chat: This is one feature, that you might have even seen in the Blackberry Messenger Ads when it went a bit viral. Well, this works similarly. What you can do is scan the QR Code to a friend’s Kik account, and then you can simply find him/her and add them to chat.
  • Manage your Profile: You can choose a username, you can upload Profile Pictures, set Status and do a lot for managing your profile.
  • Send and Receive GIFs: This is another cool option which Kik for PC Features. With GIFs, you can bring life to your texts, and express emotions with ease.
  • Talk to the Chatbot: Okay, I am not really being judgemental, but this is one thing you will do when you will be too bored. Still, if you ever are really too bored, then you can even talk to the Chatbot of Kik App.
  • Group Chat: Create Groups, Join Groups, and be a part of all the discussions, which you and your friends/family/colleagues have.
  • 2 Step Verification for Security: This is basically about keeping your account on Kik secure. So, if anyone tries to login with wrong passwords and wants to reset your password, you will get a notification via SMS with an OTP, which you can obviously use if you are the one trying to log in.
  • Add friends from other Social Networks: Kik lets you find your Friends on Facebook, and other Social Media as well. This way, you can easily extend your Kik circle, and know who else of your friends is on Kik.
  • Share Media: This is the one thing which makes Kik more interactive. It is a good feature, which has made many conversations shift to interesting, from boring. You too can send and receive media files via Kik.
  • Simple Interface: This is another good thing about Kik, that it is completely simple, and as Stock, as it could get.
  • No Limits: With Kik, you can send unlimited messages to your friends and chat for hours and hours with no problem, or interruptions.
  • Costs you $0/Year: Well, that means that Kik is actually a Free to use App. Too economic, right?

Well, these were the top Kik for PC Features. Keep reading to find out if you can use Kik on PC.

Kik for PC App: What is the Status? How can we use it?

Well, unlike Madden on PC, and Horizon Zero Dawn PC, Kik for PC isn’t unrealistic. The thing is just that you might need to take help of another client software to be using Kik on PC. And, even that isn’t something that you must have to. So, you know, we can feel better about being able to use Kik for PC. But How? Oh, wait! I haven’t answered by now, right? Well, I’ll do it now. Check out the options of different ways, that you have to use Kik on PC.

Ways on How to Get Kik for PC?[sociallocker]

  1. Blue Stacks (Obviously, duh!): This would mean that you Download, and Install Blue Stacks Software on your PC, then login to the Play Store on it using your Gmail ID, and then download Kik for PC from the Google Play Store itself.
  2. Kik Chrome Extension: Now, to use this one, you strictly need to be using Google Chrome browser, as the extension is not yet available on Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Kik for Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7: Well, another way of using Kik on PC, is by Downloading Kik from the Windows App Store.

So, now you see that there are one but many ways of using Kik for PC. You can use Blue Stacks, you can use the Kik Chrome Extension, and also you can always Download Kik Official Windows 10 App from Windows Store. Seems sorted? Well, don’t worry, I will help you with everything you need to do, to Download, Install, and use Kik on PC. Just keep reading, and I am sure you won’t be disappointed at all.

1. Install Kik for PC using Blue Stacks Emulator:

Well, you have heard of Blue Stacks, haven’t you? Even if you haven’t let me brief you about what an Emulator is, and what is Blue Stacks. So, an Emulator for PC is a Software, which you have to Install on your PC, in order to make it function parallel to some other device, which’s emulator you have installed. This way, you can get access to the Apps/Softwares on your PC, which would never normally run on a Computer, because those were programmed to Run on a different set of devices, with different technologies.

So, when you Download Blue Stacks Emulator for PC and Install it on your PC, you get access to Android Apps, which are compatible with that particular version of Blue Stacks. So, now you get it? I am going to make you Download, and Install Blue Stacks on your Windows 7, 8, or 10 PC, and then you can just go to the Play Store, and then Download Kik for PC. Simple, right? Still, for your convenience, I have written the Complete Step-by-Step Guide.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install Kik on PC, using Blue Stacks:-

  1. Download the Blue Stacks Emulator on your PC.
  2. Now, double click on the .EXE File of Blue Stacks, and start the Installation process of Blue Stacks.
  3. Open the Blue Stacks, after you have installed it successfully. Now, go to the Search Box, and type Kik, and hit Enter.
  4. Now, you will be able to see the Kik App Icon, and what you have to do is Click Install.
  5. That’s it. After the Installation is complete, open the Kik App for PC, and then create a New account.
  6. With this new account, you can now use Kik on PC.

*Note: You can also use the Kik App APK, if you are using Blue Stacks, and don’t want to use Google Play Store, as it would ask you to Log-in with your Gmail Account.

2. Using Chrome Kik Extension:

Another successful method of using Kik on PC is by Installing a simple, and small Browser Extension in Google Chrome. And, as I am mentioning Google Chrome here, you need to understand that this can’t work on any other Browser, as the Kik Extension is not yet available on other Browsers. So, all you need to do is follow as I say, and you will be able to use Kik for PC Online.


Kik for PC App, Kik on PC

Step-by-Step Guide to Install Kik Extension in Google Chrome:-

  1. Go to the Kik Extension for Google Chrome’s Page.
  2. Download, the Extension from here, and it will Install itself with no worries.
  3. After the Installation, the Browser (Google Chrome), will itself include the Kik Extension, and now you can use it.

It is all sounding easier than expected, isn’t it? Well, I knew you would feel that way because there is nothing much to really do for Installing Kik PC App. Anyway, let us read about the last way to Install and use Kik on PC.

3. Install from the Official Windows Store:

Well, Why didn’t I mention this one first? The reason is that this one will work, only if you have the Windows Store on your PC. Which, you can use on Windows 7, and already have inbuilt on the Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Follow the steps below to Install Kik on PC Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install Kik Online from Official Windows Store:-

  1. Open the Windows Store from the Start Menu on your PC.
  2. Go to the Search box, and type Kik in there, and hit enter.
  3. Just Click this Icon, that displays in the Windows Store Search Results and the store will take you to the App’s Official Page.
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  5. Here, on the Official Page, click Get, to Start Downloading and Installing Kik for PC.

Very Simple, right? I don’t even think that this was any sort of effort. You just got the App, quite easily, right? Although I feel that you would hardly have to worry about using the App, because it is a very easy procedure, still to be sure that you don’t really have to have a tough time setting it up, I will share the Steps of Installation, and Setup for Kik on PC.

How to use Kik on PC Online? Step-by-Step Guide:

Okay, now comes the question of how to use Kik on PC. And, the answer isn’t going to make you feel anything complex, just that if you don’t already know, then you might have to face a few problems. That is the reason, why I myself am mentioning it all.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to use Kik for PC:

  1. First of all, Open the Kik App on PC, and then you will see there would be two options for you to choose from. The one Option would be to Register, and the second one would be to Log In.
  2. Now, if you already have a Kik account, you can simply Log In, using your Kik Username, and Password. While, if you don’t have a Kik account, you can easily Register for a new account.
  3. Also, when you will be creating your account, Kik PC will ask you permission to access your contacts, now if you want to stay hidden for as long as possible, you can choose to not allow, otherwise just Click Ok.
  4. Now, if you want to add any additional friends to your Kik account, then all you need to do is click on the speech bubble, and enter your friend’s Kik username. And, then you can add him/her as a friend. The Speech bubble will also display the list of your Buddies.
  5. Also, don’t forget to confirm your Email address, to prevent being logged out of your Kik account, and to be able to access your account back, if you ever forget your password.
  6. After you have done the above, you can simply send a Chat Message to any of your friends, who you want to chat with. It is very simple, as it happens in other Chatting Apps. You won’t have to face any difficulties.

*You can also send and receive Media Files on Kik for PC.

And, this was the whole procedure to help you use Kik on PC. I really hope this has helped you, as I tried to keep it all simple yet as informative, as possible. Keep reading to know more about Kik for PC.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kik for PC App:

And, this is the section where I answer 9 of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Kik on PC. which you might need to know about.

Questions and Answers are as follows:

  • Question 1: Is there any other extension of Kik except for Chrome?
    Answer 1: Yes, although there was no such extension earlier, now you can use the Mozilla Firefox Extension as well.
  • Question 2: I did not get the Confirmation Email, what should I do?
    Answer 2: Request to resend the confirmation Mail in the Kik for PC app.
  • Question 3: Unable to Install with the above methods, what to do?
    Answer 3: Try some other Android Emulators, as Nox Player, or Andy.
  • Question 4: Does the video call quality go down with poor network?
    Answer 4: Kik is an App, which uses the Internet for Connectivity. If your connection is too poor, your Video Call, Audio Call, or Media Share quality will deteriorate.
  • Question 5: How to unblock Contacts on Kik Online or in Kik for PC?
    Answer 5: Simply go to chat settings>> tap block list>> type in the username and tap>> ‘unblock’.
  • Question 6: The Kik for PC App keeps crashing every now and then, what to do?
    Answer 6: Nothing to worry about, just try reinstalling the App, and if the problem persists, then write to me at [email protected], or leave a comment below.
  • Question 7: What does the red exclamation mark mean?
    Answer 7: This red exclamation mark is just an icon to tell you that a message has failed to send.
  • Question 8: My Kik for PC Online is causing too much battery usage, How to Prevent it?
    Answer 8: Just log off KIK from PC and force stop in app settings to increase battery life, and reduce battery usage.
  • Question 9: Can anyone see my Phone Number on Kik?
    Answer 9: The answer to this one is a plain No. Noone ever can see your Phone Number on Kik, so this makes it a safe option.

So, this was it for now. You got to read a lot about Kik for PC. Scroll down, and keep reading for the Index.

Index of this Post – Everything about Kik on PC:

So, as you read, this was all about Kik for PC. In the sections above, in this article, I mentioned and covered almost everything relating to Kik PC App, and to help you make sure, you didn’t miss out on anything important, I am adding an Index as well. So, read it and be sure.


  1. Introduction
  2. Kik PC App Features
  3. What is the Status? Can we use Kik on PC or not?
  4. Ways to Use Kik for PC.
    1). 1st Method
    2). 2nd Method
    3). 3rd Method
  5. Step-by-Step Guide to Use Kik on PC
  6. 9 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Kik for PC

So, this was all for now. This article was everything you need to know about Kik for PC. I hope you found this article useful, although I have researched well before writing this article, still, if you have any suggestions about anything that I might have missed, feel free to point that out in the comments section below. Also, share this with your friends, and stay in touch with TechyFizz, for a lot more such content, by Liking our Facebook Page, and Subscribing to our Newsletter.

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