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Download iMessage for PC, Install iMessage on PC

iMessage on PC: Go out and you will find almost everyone typing away on their mobile phones, everything just a click away. Families and friends brought closer through all the apps that enable us to connect with our loved ones. And that is where iMessage comes in. It’s a blessing to all the iDevice users, so proficient in its delivery of nothing but the best to its users. Most of iPhone users use it as their primary app to stay connected with people, also a vast majority of them use iPads or Mac which supports the usage of iMessage in it. Bigger screen, easy management and instant sharing of data from the iPhone to iPads and Mac, and this idea makes even iMessage for PC so popular.

Which is why those who might be using iPhone but have Windows PC or those who want to use iMessage for Windows PC for splendid experience should continue reading this article. It has simple ways of how to download iMessage for Windows PC and its features.

iMessage For PC – Introduction:

iMessage, Apple’s hardwired instant messaging app allows its users to send messages, pictures, videos, voice messages and share location instantly to anyone who is using this app, be it on an iPhone, iPad, Mac or an Apple watch. It is suave and ultra-efficient that it becomes an instant envy of people who are not Apple users since this app is exclusive to only that and can’t be found in any other operating system other than iOS. If you want to know key features of iMessage and how to download iMessage for Windows PC, this is where this article will come in and help you. It has detailed description of its features, how it can be downloaded for Windows PC and other iMessage related queries.

Key features of iMessage:

The competitive arena is only getting higher with each update and new features added to please their users and serve their needs. iMessage regularly updates its features and provide some of the unique ones that you will not find in any other social networking Apps. A few of them are listed below:

  • You can now play games within iMessage. Download iMessage games from the App Store, you will find an icon within iMessage using which you can choose the game as well as the recipient.
  • Now you get to draw in your iMessage and send it to your pals. All you have to do is tilt the screen horizontally and a drawing bar will pop up. Splish and splash, and send your friends and family with your very own artistic masterpiece!
  • You can react to the messages, iMessage provides you with six different reactions. Just long press the message you want to react to, and a pop cloud will appear showing you all the reactions, press on the reaction of your choice.
  • You can send stickers to your friends. Also, there is a new feature, Digital touch. It enables you to send simple animations to your friends and disappear within two minutes of sending.
  • If you send an article to a friend, he will be able to see a preview image and the link to that article. Even more astounding, if you send a YouTube video or its link, the person can view the video from within the iMessage and on pressing it won’t redirect to YouTube or Google Chrome.
  • You can send animations. By holding onto the blue arrow, send the message with a different effect and a completely new background.
  • New Peer-to-Peer money transfer (P2P) feature is also introduced in iMessage which enables iMessage users to send up to $3,000 via this app to someone who is also using this iMessage.
  • You can send contact cards, map locations and voice memos and share sheet makes it a lot easier since it provides you with an option of sharing the details for an hour, a day or indefinitely.  

Some features are so exclusive to iMessage app that it makes other Apps seem outdated and obsolete. And that is why people crave to use it in their phones and on their PCs. If you are one of those who want to download iMessage for Windows PC, the simple ways are listed below.

Download iMessage for Windows PC:

There are few ways by which you can download iMessage for PC but they are not straightforward and circumvention is needed since Apple wants to maintain the exclusivity of this app to only iDevice users. There are four ways listed below:

  1. Access through Chrome’s remote desktop feature
  2. Through user interface simulator, iPadian 2
  3. Jailbreaking (the iPhone)
    Also Download Periscope for PC
  4. Through Pushbullet

You can use any one of these methods based on what is more convenient for you. Let’s get to the steps entailed in each method.

iMessage for PC, iMessage on PC

1. Access through Chrome’s remote desktop feature:

 (This method is for the people who have Mac and can only work in that case. If you don’t have it, so you can try the other methods.)

1st Step: Download Google Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop on your Windows PC and Mac.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

2nd Step: Launch Chrome Remote Desktop after its installation in both the computers.

How to Download iMessage on PC

(Chrome Remote Desktop enables you to access the apps and files of another computer through Google Chrome browser.)

3rd Step: Download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer in the Mac and install it.

Install iMessage for PC

4th Step: An access code will appear, connect both the computers through that.

iMessage for PC Procedure

You can now access the Apps and files of one computer through the other. And can use iMessage on Windows PC.

2. Through User Interface Simulator:

iPadian 2 is a User Interface Simulator that transforms Windows PC and enables the users to install iOS apps. Here how you can download it:

1st Step: Download iPadian. You can press on iPadian and it will automatically direct you to the downloading site.

Download iPadian

2nd Step: Install .exe file in your Windows PC.


How to Install iPadian

3rd Step: Run the iPadian and accept the terms and conditions.


Install iPadian

4th Step: Launch iPadian once it is installed.

iPadian for PC

5th Step: Type “iMessage” in the search bar.

6th STep: Download and install the iMessage for PC.

3. Jailbreaking (the iPhone):

This method is only useful if you have an iOS device such as iPhone or iPod Touch. In your Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch do the following:

How to Jailbreak iPhone on iOS 10.2?

1st Step: Download Cydia (which is a Package Manager Mobile App which enables the Jailbroken iPhone or iPad Touch to find and install software packages.)

2nd Step: Launch Cydia after completion of its installation.

3rd Step: Type “Remote Messages” in the search bar of Cydia in the bottom right of the screen.

4th Step: You will see the option of purchase (costs $4 from BigBoss Repo).

5th Step: After purchasing the App, install it in your device.

6th Step: After the installation is complete, an option of “Respring the device” will appear, press proceed.

The configuration of Remote Messages

7th Step: Open the settings and tap on Remote Messages.

8th Step: Login to the device by filling in the username and password by which you want to use it.

9th Step: You can set the port number that you wish to use (ranging from 0 to 65535).

10th Step: Press ‘on’ to the enable button.

4. Through Pushbullet:

Pushbullet enables you to connect your iOS device to your computer. It is one of the easiest ways for doing so. You can see your text messages and your notifications while on your computer, allowing you to conveniently send and receive text messages from your Windows PC. You can use it for iMessage, WhatsApp messenger, Facebook messenger, Kik etc.

This article will prove to be helpful for you if you want to download iMessage for Windows PC. A quick recapitulation of the article is given below:

  1. iMessage for Windows PC – An Introduction
  2. Key features of iMessage
  3. Download iMessage for Windows PC

           3.1 Access through Chrome’s remote desktop feature

           3.2 Through User Interface Simulator

           3.3 Jailbreaking (the iPhone)

           3.4 Through Pushbullet

And, so these were the different ways, which you can Download and use iMessage for PC. I hope you found this content useful, and if you did then don’t forget to share with your friends. Leave a comment if you liked the article or have any queries regarding the article. Hit the share button if this proved useful to you.

For more information on iMessage, you can visit the site given below:

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