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How To Unlock A Disabled iPhone?

How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone, Unlock a Disabled iPhone in Easy Steps

Unlock A Disabled iPhone: Are you an iPhone user then you might have fallen with the issue when you iPhone gets disabled due to excessive wrong attempts at password that you had forgotten or due to some other reasons. We are here with a set of solutions that would surely help out the iPhone users to unlock their iPhone whenever it is disabled due to any season. Here are top five tested and listed method that is used to unlock Disabled iPhone.

These are the top and effective five methods which you can apply to unlock disabled iPhone without causing any damage to your device and data. So, we shall now get into the list of garnered methods that would help you out in unlocking your disabled iPhone.

Different Methods to Unlock a Disabled iPhone:

Well, there are a few ways which you can unlock a Disabled iPhone with all the ease, and I would first like to list those things down below. So, you can go ahead and have a look.

  • Method 1: -Unlocking disabled iPhone without iTunes.
  • Method 2: – Unlocking disabled iPhone with iTunes.
  • Method 3: – Unlocking disabled iPhone with iCloud Find my phone
  • Method 4: – Unlocking disabled iPhone with Recovery Mode.
  • Method 5: – Unlocking disabled iPhone through DFU Mode.

And, so these were some of the Major Methods that I listed above to Unlock a Disabled iPhone.

1. Unlocking disabled iPhone without iTunes:

Many times, you might get the information about how to unlock iPhone with iTunes and yes, it is a very simple procedure to unlock your iPhone with iTunes. But, if you are not having any PC or computer system to work with iTunes that is surely a terrible day.

Now, are you seriously thinking about an alternative solution to iTunes? So, we are here with Lock Wiper by iMyfone which unlocks your device from any situation. Here are the steps involved in unlocking the iPhone without iTunes.

Step 1: Firstly, download the software provided in the link given below on your PC or Computer system.

Download Now

Step 2: Open the software on your PC and simply follow the setup instructions and then click ‘Start’.

How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone, Disabled iPhone Unlock, Unlock my Disabled iPhone

Step 3: Connect your iPhone with the PC.

Connect your iOS Device to PC

Step 4: Now, this step you have to choose your device and thereafter it will take your device into the DFU Mode. You also have an option to take it into recovery mode.

Choose your Device in the Software

Step 5: Choose your iPhone detail wisely and download the Lock Wiper for your disabled iPhone to be unlocked.

Download the Firmware Package Online

Step 6: After Successful downloading of the file required to unlock your disabled iPhone. A simple verification process goes on and thereafter you can unlock your iPhone without connecting to iTunes.

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Successful Verification

Step 7: Enter ‘000000’ to move forward in unlocking your iPhone with Lock Wiper.

Move forward on iMyPhone Lock Wiper

Step 8: After All the steps wait for some minutes while Lock Wiper is removing your screen Lock.

Remove Screen Lock

So, these are the steps to unlock your iPhone without connecting to iTunes. Lock Wiper has removed your screen lock and now you can work on your iPhone and also remember your password properly.

2. Unlocking disabled iPhone with iTunes:

This is the very method of unlocking your iPhone which is disabled due to any of the reasons. The Help Centre of the Apple services also recommends you to use this method of unlocking your iPhone. So, we shall now get into the steps involved in this method of unlocking iPhone. Credit for this method goes to!

Step 1: Firstly, download iTunes on any Pc or Computer. Then Connect your iPhone with the computer.

Step 2: Open iTunes on your computer and if it asks for passcode then try again with another computer that you are prior to it sync with.

Step 3: After Successfully connecting your iPhone with the computer. Wait for some time and let your computer sync your device and make a backup.

Step 4: After successful sync and backup, Click on Restore your iPhone.

Unlock Disabled iPhone using iTunes

Step 5: Make sure about the date and time of the backup made by your iTunes and while restoring your iPhone you reach the Set Up Screen option, tap on Restore from iTunes backup.

Step 6: Now, select your device in the iTunes and pick most relevant backup that you want to backup.

Your iPhone is Unlocked using iTunes

3. Unlocking disabled iPhone with iCloud Find my phone:

This is another method of unlocking your disabled iPhone. With this, you just need to login to iCloud with your Apple ID and you will get a link to restore your iPhone.

Step 1: Login to on your PC or computer system and Sign in to iCloud Apple ID.

Step 2:  Locate the devices connected with your Apple ID on iCloud placed at the top of the website and Click on your device.

Step 3: Choose the Device from the top that is to be erased.

Step 4: Tap erase iPhone and make sure prior to that you are connected to a fair network connection on the device from which you are erasing iPhone.

Unlock Disabled iPhone using iCloud Find my iPhone

Step 5: At last find your device backups and restore them from the iCloud after your device is unlocked from the disabled mode.

4. Unlocking disabled iPhone with Recovery Mode:

You can also use Recovery Mode to unlock your iPhone if you are not able to unlock your iPhone from any of the above-mentioned methods. Simply follow the following steps to unlock your device.  

Step 1: Power off or shut down your disabled iPhone by the press and hold the power button.

Step 2: Now, plug your device into PCP, then press the home button.

Step 3: Press and hold the home button until an option Connect to iTunes occur on your Screen.

Step 4: After it appears on the screen, click on the restore option from the options to restore your iPhone in just simple four steps.

Press the Power Button and Connect to iTunes

Towards the END:

As we move towards the end, we hope you had unlocked your iPhone with the methods mentioned above in the article and the description and steps have created a helpful way in unlocking your iPhone. Do share your happiness and queries in the comment section which we would revert back to you as soon as possible.

Hope you have gained a lot of knowledge with this article about iPhone and unlocking iPhone whenever it is disabled.

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