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How to Speed Up Your Mac in a Few Easy Steps for Free?

How to Speed up Your Mac, How to Speed up Mac

How to Speed Up Your Mac? A MacBook or an iMac is one Computer, which Apple has Innovated, Created, and Introduced to the world of Technology Geeks and Freaks. I have seen people using Macs more than I saw people use the first Panasonic Cellphone (for reference; it was very popular). Anyway, that no way is the concern here, The thing is that there were times when a MacBook or an iPhone was a huge symbol of status. I know that sounds too cheap and shallow, but people used to judge you better with an Apple Device in your hand. While, the truth nowadays is that many people own and use Apple Products, but their products are outdated. Like, we know that iPhone X just came out, and there still are people using iPhone 5s. The only one problem that I see is the lack of performance.

The older the device, the slower the performance with the Introduction of New Operating Systems. The same goes for the iMacs and MacBooks. If in the days of  Apple MacBook Pro MPXQ2HN/A you are using an old MacBook that you bought in 2010, you sure are missing out a lot, right? Well, that is what I am writing this post for. Here, you will get to know How to Speed Up Mac?

What is the Major Problem with the Speed?

Well, the true and the best answer to this question ever is age. Let us take a Sportsman for example. Consider your favorite Sportsman, and have a look at the number of years he played. No matter How good a Player he or she was, there had to be an End to his/her career, right? In the old age, their performances had to decline a bit, and that is nothing to be upset about. It is the truest fact. Similarly, No matter How much you Love your Computer, there comes a time, when you need to say Good Bye, but before that, you can try out a few things to Speed up Your Mac.

Here, in this article, I will share with you those Tips, and Tricks on How to Speed up Your Mac.

How to Speed Up Your Mac in a Few Easy Steps?

Well, with so many gadgets around us, we are all aware of the fact that too many processes running at a time on a Device, make it slow. And to make it faster back again, the first thing that you need to do is clear up those processes and end extra tasks. There are two ways to make that happen. So, have a look at those below.

1. The Trim Enabler 4 (The Software Route):

Trim Enabler is the software which won’t leave you to have any needs to do anything on your own. If you have bought this software and installed on your Mac which is running on an SSD, the software will cleverly and subtly monitor disk health, improve performance and will let you benchmark. Cool, isn’t it?

Trim Enabler 4 – [Click here to Download Free Trial]

2. DIY (Do it Yourself)/The Manual Route:

Okay, so doing it yourself can be a bit lengthy process. You will need to give in some time, reading this article, and then sometime, implementing what you read here. So, are you ready for that? Read below, when you are.

1. Close un-important Apps:

Well, this is the most obvious thing that you need to do in order to Speed Up Your Mac. We all know that every single App that we use, or leave open in the background uses Data, and increases the number of processes which are going on inside our Machine. That is why it is always important to keep your System Clean of such additional Processes.

Close Unnecessary Apps

Always remember that when you leave any apps open in the background, those apps increase the number of requests and processes, on and off the Internet. This wastes a bit of your Data and also slows up your System. This practice, in turn, increases the CPU Space usage too, due to which the System becomes slow, again. So, always keep in mind to first Close all unnecessary Apps.

And also, if you come to know that there is an App on your Mac, which is just lying there and you hardly ever actually use it, then go ahead and uninstall it with no second thoughts. Read how to uninstall an App on Mac.

2. Use Activity Monitor to Identify Memory Hogs:

The Activity Monitor on the Mac is a very good tool and can be very useful, depending on How good you actually use it. If you are an Analytics person, you would know How everything or every project becomes better. First of all, you have a look at what all is going on, then you see which part of the project is making things better, and which part needs an exclusion. And, once when you have figured it all out, you can easily just Go ahead and implement whats needed.

Use Activity Monitor

The similar is the case with the Activity Monitor. Here, you can see which apps are using How much memory on your Mac, and making it function a bit more slowly than normal, so you can just go Ahead and Shut those Off first.

Also, keep in mind that there are some projects which you can’t or you shouldn’t close on your Mac. The Activity Monitor will show you all of those if you know how to view (click on View > Windowed Processes before you do anything).

3. Preference Panes:

The next thing you need to learn in order to know How to Speed up Your Mac is how to Edit Preference Panes. For this one, go to the System Preferences, and then check in at the Row at the bottom. There you will find the custom items which are there on your System. And, now you need to check if you are using all of those Programs, and if you are not, then shut down the Programs, which are just open for no reason.

Edit Preference Panes

This too will Speed up Your Mac a bit.

4. Stop unnecessary Programs from Opening at Startup:

This is another precaution you need to take in order to keep your Mac Running fast. If you look closely, there will be many programs which start themselves up at the startup, and then keep occupying extra Space out of your Mac’s Memory.

Stop Programs from Opening up at Startup

To make this happen (Stopping unnecessary programs from opening at startup), Open System Preferences and click Users & Groups. Then go Click on the Login Items tab to view which programs and services open up when you first power up your Mac. Highlight the item which you don’t want to open at Startup, and then click Delete. Simple, right?

5. Shift your Photos Online or on an Additional Hard Drive:

In my opinion, whenever you are on a Limited Storage Device, like a 16GB iPhone, or a 128 GB Mac, which would become slow and very much occupied if you store too much Data, it is always better to Store your Photos either On Google Drive, or on iCloud, or on an Additional Hard Drive. I personally use Google Drive more than the iCloud and trust me there is no specific reason to that. I just am more used to it, so you know that you can always choose the other two options too.

Move Your Photos to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud

6. Move Your Music:

Another thing you need to learn in the process of learning How to Speed up Your Mac is How to Move your Music. Truly speaking it is not the toughest of the things to do. Trust me wouldn’t take too much time anyway.

Shift your Music

Let me even try to make it more simple. Read here to find out How to Move Music from iTunes Library to somewhere else.

7. Empty the Trash and Filter your Downloads:

The two folders, namely Trash, and Downloads are those which everyone neglects, whether on a Windows PC or on a Mac. The reason is that people use Downloads Folder only when they Download something, and as we Download a lot, we forget to manage all the files that we have Downloaded. The same but slightly different is the case with the Trash. Whenever you Delete any files, those reach the Trash, but if you don’t clear the Trash yourself, it will stay that way for a long period of time and take up your Memory, and Storage.

Empty the Trash and Downloads

So, you know it is always the best option to Empty the Trash, and Filter your Downloads Folder at regular intervals.

8. Delete Large Old Files:

The old Games, you used to play once, the bundle of wasteful videos, or maybe the series of a Nightmare on Elm Street, which you already watched around 10 Times, do you really think that the 8-10 GB which these are occupying is worth it? Well, you decide, and in my opinion, clean everything of this sort as soon as possible and free up some storage and memory to Speed up your Mac.

Delete Old, Large Files

9. Find out How much Space is Free on Your iMac/MacBook:

Obviously, it is a lot about How much Space is Vacant on your Mac. The speed and performance of your Mac will be better with more Storage Space and will keep worsening if you don’t pay much attention to this. So, know that it is always good to keep running regular checks on How much Storage Space is still available on your Mac. This way, you will know which apps you have to clear when. Something very important to Speed up Your Mac.

Find out How Much Storage Space is Vacant

10. Remove Extra Programs/Apps from your Mac:

It is always a good option to have a look at all the Apps that you have Installed on your Mac. If you haven’t done this in a while, I am sure there will at least be a few such apps, which you will realize are just adding Junk to your MacBook. And that is when you know that you really need to Uninstall those. So, don’t hesitate even a little, and hit Uninstall for such apps.

Remove Extra Programs

11. Keep your Software Up-to-Date:

True that there will come hinderations at times while you install the latest OS update on an Older Mac, but it is important. Most of the times, New Software Updates, bring out Bug Fixes which speed up Your Mac all by themselves. This is what people at Apple say.

What I say is “Even if you don’t want to Upgrade your Mac to the Latest OS Update, at least keep all your Software and Applications updated to their latest Build.” This will bring the best out of those Apps.

Keep the Software Up to Date

12. Empty your Mac’s Caches:

A Standard MacBook has 3 MBs of Cache memory. This means that whenever it is about to be filled up, you need to empty it down, so your Mac keeps working fine. True, right?

Empty your Mac's Caches Regularly

So, today only have a look at your User Caches, by hitting Command+Shift+G from your desktop to bring up Go To Folder and then typing ~/Library/Caches/. Chances are that there will be GBs of memory being used. So, you know that all you need to do is Empty these down, to Speed up your Mac.

13. Minimise Visual Effects:

The Mac OS in itself is one great example of How good some Visual Effects can look. We all are aware of the theme and the design of OS, and the UI which the macOS offers. Having known it all, we know we enjoy using this OS. But, then these Visual Effects aren’t the best for the Older versions of Mac. If your RAM is smaller in size, I recommend you either Turn off or Minimise Visual Effects on your Mac.

Turn off or Minimize Visual Effects

Click System Preferences > Dock and untick the following boxes:

  • Magnification
  • Animate opening applications
  • Automatically hide and show the dock
  • Turn off accessibility
  • Now click on ‘Minimize windows using’ and change Genie Effect to Scale Effect.

Easy, right?

14. Repair Permissions on your Mac:

Go to the Disk Utility, and open your main hard drive from here. Now, click on the First Aid, and Repair Permissions. This ensures that all the files on your Mac have the correct permissions. This will keep the things working fine at all times.

Repair Permissions on your Mac

Sad Part: You can’t do this if your Mac has a version of macOS newer to the macOS X El Capitan.

15. Empty the Safari Cache:

It is always important to Clear out the Browser Caches. These are similar to your Mac Cache, and that is why when you clear these up, you know How to Speed up Your Mac. So, keep Emptying Safari Cache at regular intervals.

Empty the Safari's Cache

To do so, follow the following steps:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Click to Reset Safari
  3. Check Remove all Website Data (Leave the other options as those are)
  4. Now, hit Reset, to Speed up your Mac a bit.

16. Fix or Remove the Desktop Clutter:

To learn How to Speed up Your Mac, you need to learn How to Fix or Get Rid of the Desktop Clutter. Well, this isn’t the hardest thing to do. All you need to do is simply either empty your desktop or maybe clean it a bit. All the programs on your Desktop take up a lot of space, and then most of these are shortcuts, which means new files, in addition to the older ones. Although, these are small in size, still take up Memory Space, so I suggest you Get rid of your Desktop Clutter as soon as possible.

Get Rid of Desktop Clutter

17. Restart your Mac at Regular Intervals:

No matter what you do the whole day with your Mac, but what you do at the end of the day makes the real difference. There are people who are used to putting their MacBook to sleep or hibernate at the end of the day, to resume their work the next time they log in. This decreases the Battery life, and also makes your Mac slower. To speed up your Mac, Restart your Mac Regularly.

Restart your Mac Regularly

In my opinion, Shutting down, and then starting up again at least once every day is very important.

18. Manage and Optimize Spotlight:

Everyone who has an Apple Device knows about How terrific a tool, the Spotlight is. Serves many purposes and people love using it. But, the thing with Spotlight is, that if you set it to sync with your different Devices, it starts taking some more time to Index, and Re-Index all the Information.

Manage Spotlight better

This, in turn, slows down your Mac. The best thing you can do to avoid this is limit the files, which Spotlight Indexes. Follow the Following Steps to do this:

  1. Go to System Preferences
  2. Open Spotlight Pane
  3. Click on Privacy
  4. Now, Drag in or out the Folders and Files, you want to Remove from the Spotlight Index

This was Spotlight will know which are the important apps and files, which you want it to Index. So, it will De-index everything else on its own.

19. Turn off File Vault Encryption:

The default built-in File Vault on the macOS, allows you to Encrypt your files, to keep those safe from any hackers. I know that it is important in many cases, but if you know that you are not hiding any Army Secrets on your Vault, you can Turn off the File Vault Encryption. This is a good answer on How to Speed up Your Mac.

Turn off the File Vault Encryption

The thing with File Vault Encryption is that it consumes a lot of memory, and runs many processes in various cycles, this Slows down your Mac. While, when you turn it off, you Speed up Your Mac.

To do it, follow these steps:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Go to the Security & Privacy Tab
  3. Click on the File Vault Tab
  4. Go to the Padlock, Type in an Admin Password, and Turn off File Vault Encryption

20. Customize the Finder:

Another time when your Mac slows down is when you open a New Finder Window, and it shows you all the Files and Folders, that you have stored on your Mac. Now, if your Mac is an older version and has too many files, especially Photos and Videos on it, this Finder will try to show those up. It will take more memory space, and hence slow down your Mac.

Customize the Finder Preferences

The best thing to do in such a case is Customize the Finder, in such a way that it doesn’t show all Files up. Follow these steps to make it happen:

  1. Go to the Finder preferences
  2. Select a Folder with the least Number of Files, to Display in the new Finder Window

21. End The Suffering. Completely:

I don’t know if you could guess what I meant to mean by the above title, but in any case, it means a Complete Reset of your Mac. I have done this too many times on my Windows PC, and on my MacBook as well. And that is not even it, apart from these, I have used this technique on my Android, Windows, and iPhone too. This always works. Especially on a Computer, or a Mac, because on these devices, there are too many files and folders, which are taking up a lot of space and utilizing a lot of memory.

Clean Reinstall the Mac OS

So, when everything else fails, go for the Hard Reset on your MacBook, or iMac. This basically means doing a Clean Reinstallation of the macOS. You can find versions of macOS Software even on this website. And to know how to Install, read this guide.

22. Put in some Investment to know and Implement How to Speed up Your Mac:

Well, I know this article was about How to Speed up Your Mac for Free, still, there are a few things you can do, if you have some money to Invest. Let’s explore those options for you.

1. Buy a New MacBook:

Clearly speaking, I don’t know what Budget you are holding, but there are many new Computers arriving the Market every day. If you can invest around $1,000, then buying a New MacBook with some better specifications will be the best option. Below here are a few economic and good options.

2. Install/Add New RAM on your MacBook/iMac:

Another answer on How to Speed up Your Mac, by Paying some Money, is the addition of New RAM, or replacement of the older one with bigger size RAM Chips. Have a look at the best options for RAM Chips for MacBook below.

So, you see there is a lot you can do to Speed up your Mac. These all were some of the best answers on How to Speed up Your Mac. Read below for the Index.

Index of this Post – Everything on How to Speed up Your Mac:

Well, this was all about it. Here, you got to read a lot about How to Speed up Your Mac. Now, have a look at the Index to make sure, you didn’t miss out on anything important.


  1. What is the Major Problem with Mac’s Speed?
  2. How to Speed up Your Mac in a Few Easy Steps?
    1). Try Trim Enabler 4
    2). Do it Yourself (21 Tips)
    3). Put in some Investment for Better Experience
  3. Index

So, this was all about How to Speed up Your Mac. I hope I could help you with this article here. I am sure, this article will solve a lot many problems quite easily. If you found this article really useful, then kindly share it with your Friends who own a Slow Mac. Also, stay in touch with us for a lot more such content, by Liking our Facebook Page, Subscribing to our Newsletter.

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