How to Download Twitch Clips using Twitch Downloader?

How to Download Twitch Clips, Download Twitch Videos

Download Twitch Videos: Twitch as all of us know is a Video Streaming Platform, where you can find and watch all the best videos relating to your interest. I remember using Twitch for watching all the Gaming Videos back in 2013, and it was amazing, the way Amazon has made it. Amazon launched in the year 2011, in June, and since then they haven’t looked back at all. It is a successful platform now, and we as viewers totally love the way it is. But, then there is one problem which many of us have faced at some point in time. To Download Twitch Clips, you need to make some extra efforts.

And, most people don’t even know the procedure. So, for all the naive viewers of Twitch, I am here writing this Blog Post, trying to help you know How to Download Twitch Clips using a Twitch Downloader. All, you need to do is keep reading this post, and follow as it guides you.

How to Download Twitch Clips/Videos?

The way Twitch’s founders started the website labeling it as just a niche website, meant for uploading and watching Gaming videos, and then the way they raised the level of the Platform, and occupied other niches as well, the efforts which they made can be seen easily. And for this reason, allowing everybody to just go out and Download Twitch Videos for Free, might not be the most convenient allowance the company would want to provide. But, then there is always something that can be done.

How to Download Twitch Videos, Twitch Video Downloader

And, for that something, I am going to mention the steps and all the other details in the sections below. But, first, there is something else that you should know about. Have a look at the two types of Stream Content Formats available on

  1. Videos (VoD): A Video on Twitch TV means by the full broadcast of the stream. This is the full video, which you can watch to know about what actually happened during the whole stream.
  2. Clips: While, on the other hand, the Clips are the short parts of the video broadcast, which when somebody finds interesting, might just snap out of the whole broadcast to Upload, or share on Twitch.

Both the two forms of content on Twitch are important and indiscriminately famous. Just depends on you, which one interests you more. And, so having said that, and moving further, to learn How to Download Twitch Clips, read below.

Step-by-Step on How to Download Twitch Clips:

Okay, so the section for the real answer is here. Although, Twitch actually allows all its Broadcasters, and Content Creators to Download Twitch Clips for Free, but that is not the case when you are just a normal viewer. So, if you want to Download a Video as a Viewer, there is a lot more than that, which you would have to do. So, let us see what you need to do to Download Twitch Clips, both as a Broadcaster and as a Viewer.

1. Downloading Twitch Clips as a Broadcaster:

  • Create the clip and right click the video player
  • Now, select ‘Save video’
  • You will see some format options for Downloading this Clip, although MP4 is the standard, there are some other choices too, which you can make.

2. Downloading Twitch Clips as a Viewer:

Okay, so just as you would create a Clip in Twitch, to Download it as a Broadcaster, you would need to do the same even as a Viewer. And, then you will need to use a Twitch Leecher to actually Download Twitch Clips as a Viewer. About which, I will elaborate completely, in the section to Download Twitch Videos. Here, let us see How to Make Twitch Clips as a Viewer: [sociallocker]

  • Login to your Twitch Account.
  • Start a Stream.
  • Select the clip icon in the bottom left of the stream. Keyboard shortcut is ‘Alt + X’.
  • Keep playing this stream until your Clip is completed, and once that happens, click on the clip icon again.
  • A New window will open up now, and you can now trim your clip in this video.
  • Once you are done with Trimming, Click Publish to finally share your Video on Twitch.
  • Also, provide a good name, and description to the Clip that you just made.

And, that is all for Publishing/Creating a Clip on Twitch. To Download Twitch Clips, read below.

Step-by-Step on How to Download Twitch Videos:

So, as I mentioned in the sections above, that you can easily Download Clips or Videos from Twitch, as a Broadcaster. The platform really lets you do that with ease, but if you are a viewer, there is a lot more than that, which you need to know. For helping you with the same, I am mentioning the steps below.

So, let us see, How to Download Full Twitch Videos:

1. Download Twitch Videos as a Broadcaster:

So, although it is simple, as I promised, I am going to be elaborating it all here. Also, you will need to set up your archive in Twitch, to Download Twitch Videos as a Broadcaster.

  • Log into Twitch and go to Account Settings.
  • Select the Channel & Videos and switch on the Automatically archive my broadcasts button.
  • Now, go to the Video Manager from the menu to access the list of videos that you have made.
  • After all of this is done, you will be able to see a Download Link below every video, and when you will click on that link, the video will just start Downloading.

2. Download Twitch Videos as a Viewer:

So, as in the section above, I mentioned How to Download Twitch Videos and Clips as a Broadcaster, under this one, I will describe How can you Actually Download Twitch Videos, and Clips as a Viewer. So, pay attention, and you will be through.

As, when explaining How to Download Twitch Clips as a Viewer, I mentioned Twitch Leeches, but didn’t elaborate what it is and how it works, here, if you read below, you will be able to know How to Download Twitch Clips, and Twitch Videos as a Viewer. So, go on and read now.

  • Click on this Link to Download Twitch Leecher for Free.
  • Now, Install the Software, and open it up.
  • Go to the Search Button on the Top of this App.
  • Select New Search, and Right Click the Video/Clip you want to Download from Twitch and Copy Link Location or whatever your browser says parallelly.
  • Now, go to the URL Tab in the Twitch Leecher, and paste this URL there.
  • Hit Enter/Search, and then the App will start finding the video.
  • After it finds the video, just Click Download, and the Download will start.

So, that is all that you need to do to Download Twitch Videos, and to Download Twitch Clips, both as a Viewer and a Broadcaster. Also, to know more about the Twitch Leecher, read below.

Is the Twitch Leecher safe to Download Twitch Clips, and Twitch Videos?

Well, to be honest, Twitch doesn’t really endorse the App, and then there are many people arguing about it being a Safe Option, or not, but then I have used it on my PC. You get to Download it from GITHub’s official website, so that is some authority out there, right? And, then when I downloaded, it was all swift, and it worked completely fine for me. So, I don’t really see Twitch Leecher being an unsafe option at any cost. And, hence I would say that it has been Safe for me, still do it on all your own risk.

And, that was all about How to Download Twitch Clips. I hope you found this article useful, and it helped you Download Twitch Videos with ease, even as a viewer. And, if it did, then share it with your friends, who might be looking for a way to do the same as you. Stay in touch by Liking our Facebook Page, and Subscribing to our Newsletter.

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