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How to Add Bots to Discord?

How to Add Bots to Discord? If you are an avid gamer, you will be acquainted with the discord server. So let us start off with the application itself, Discord and then we will take a look at How to Add Bots to Discord.

To find out about how to do what, keep reading.

What is Discord application?

A freeware Voice-over-Internet Protocol application, Discord is designed for gaming arenas that enables its users to communicate via text, video and audio. It can be operated using Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in web browsers.

Some of Discord application’s key features are given below:

  • It can be used on multi-platforms and runs on personal computers and web.
  • It has low-latency, free voice chat platform for the users and a reliable server infrastructure.
  • It provides its users with the functionalities that of free video calling and screen sharing and supports call with two or more recipients.
  • It provides partial support for rich text.

These are some of the features provided by the Discord Application. Now let us take a look at how we can add bots to the discord server.

How to add bots to the Discord server?

Discord can be customized by its users according to their own preferences and likings by adding bots to the servers. In order to add bots to the Discord server, you need to have ‘Manage Servers’ permissions on the server on which you are adding the bots.

You can find the best Discord bots at and

Given below are the steps to follow in order to add the bots to the Discord:

Step 1: Go to the discord app website and log in to your discord account. (Note: Ensure that you have ‘Manage Servers’ permissions to add the bots.)

Create Account or Login to Discord Bots Website

Step 2: Click the button ‘Add bots to server’ from and click the button ‘Invite’ from

Invite or Add to Bot Server

Step 3: An authorization screen will appear, click ‘Select the server’ drop down menu and select whichever server you wish to add the bots to.

Select the Server to Add the Bot to

Step 4: Click on ‘Authorize’. The bot is now added to your server and it will appear at the sidebar of the server.

Authorize to Add Bot to Discord Server

All of these steps are to be followed to add bots to the discord server. There are myriad of bots that are hosted on GitHub, you can visit that and see how each bot can be added.

Video Guide on How to Add Bots to Discord:

The YouTube video provided below will help you with adding bots to the discord server:

Now that you know how to add bots to the discord server, you can customize your server using various bots. This article talks about the Discord application, the key features of the Discord and how to add bots to the discord.

Final Word:

Discord is a Great Application for Gamers around the world. You can use the app for performing several functions. And adding Discord Bots to the Discord Server helps you get the best, out of the Discord App. This way you can bring in many customization options into your Discord Server. This post was solely targetted to give you all a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Add Bots to Discord.

I hope you found this article useful, and if you did then Share it with your friends. Also, you can always leave a comment or two if you have any queries regarding the article. And, stay in touch with TechyFizz, for a lot more such content, yet to come.

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