Horizon Zero Dawn PC – When will I get Horizon Zero Dawn for PC?

Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer, Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay, Horizon Zero Dawn Reviews

Will Horizon Zero Dawn be on PC? Horizon, as every Horizon Gamer knows, is an Action Role-Playing Game which came out for Play Station 4, early in 2017. The developer of the Game, i.e., Guerrilla Games have been in the business since 2004. They have Developed many games like Shellshock and the Killzone Series as well. And, when they collaborated with one of the biggest Publishers, the product was marvelous. If you are still wondering, which Publisher I am talking about, it’s Sony Interactive Entertainment. So, you know the product had to be as good as it really is. Anyway, the issue isn’t who developed or Published the game, as it is already here and doing pretty good. The one thing everyone wants to know is when is Horizon Zero Dawn PC coming out?

Although to many, it might just sound stupid, PC Gaming is a good potential Market, isn’t it? And, the Horizon Zero Dawn, isn’t just a National Sports Video game, unlike Madden 18 which is solely about the NFL. Horizon Zero Dawn is the game, which everyone wants to play, regardless of the country that they live in. Shouldn’t Horizon Zero Dawn for PC be available then?

Horizon Zero Dawn for PC – Introduction:

Well, to be honest, there is no introduction to what has not even been out yet. People are just wanting to be able to play Horizon Zero Dawn on PC but as the production companies have not revealed even a single thing about that by now, it is pretty hard to be able to quote anything. But then again, a Demand is a demand, and Sony should look in, to solve this issue.


Horizon Zero Dawn PC, Horizon Zero Dawn for PC, Horizon Zero Dawn on PC

Horizon Zero Dawn is a beautiful, and appealing game. It has some of the most beautiful Open World Environments. And that is not even it, the concept of the game, the story, the unique enemies, and above all the Hero Character, Aloy, which you get to play as, it is all awesome. The game goes as Aloy Explores a Foreign Landscapes, and there she has to deal with its dangers, along with all the fruitful and happening things coming her way.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC – Overview, and Trailer:

Well, this version of Horizon Zero Dawn is the former version, and nothing like this has ever come before this. This thing makes the game a unique Publication, and yes the Game is lit. As I mentioned in the section above, the Game Features the Hero Character Aloy, which is a girl and is on the exploration of a new Foreign Land. Where, she gets to deal with unique Monsterous Enemies, on her adventure. The landscapes are beautiful, and it is an Open World Game. Basically, some of the best Action RPGs you will ever get to see. The only thing which disappointed many Gamers was that the game is yet just available for Play Station 4, and not even XBox 360.

This means that we all have been eagerly waiting for Horizon Zero Dawn PC, but it isn’t here. And. for this reason, many of us haven’t got our hands on the game, as we never bought a Play Station 4. The best that I have known about how the game actually looks, comes from the Trailer and Gameplay videos on YouTube. I would really like to share a few best Gameplay Videos of Horizon Zero Dawn along with the Trailer first.

Horizon Zero Dawn Official Trailer:

 This was the Horizon Zero Dawn Official Launch Trailer, below here is the Story Trailer of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn Story Trailer:

Now, Check out below for the best Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay Videos.

1. Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1:


2. 12 Minutes of Horizon Zero Dawn:

3. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Hours Gameplay without Commentary:

So, these were some of the best Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer and Gameplay Videos. Scroll down this page for a rough idea about the Horizon Zero Dawn Reviews, and to know more about the Horizon Zero Dawn PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn – Reviews:

Well, talking of the Horizon Zero Dawn Reviews, the game is pretty good, has some of the best open world animations, and designs. The monsters are all mechanical, and you have to fight those as Aloy. The aggressive creatures in the game will leave an irreversible mark on the Gamers’ memories. You too will always keep thinking of the game, once you play it. The adventures of Aloy are really exciting. The way she makes her way through all the battles, tackles and difficulties in a world not known to her. Even if you try too hard to stay away from the Game, you will end the whole of it within hardly a hundred hours. That is exactly how addicting it is.

Apart from it, every single piece in the game, including the videos, and the gameplay is in ultra HD. So, you will actually feel everything around moving, and that too with precision.

Horizon Zero Dawn Review Video:

So, this was all about the Horizon Zero Dawn Review for now. To make you notice there is one more thing I feel I should tell you, the game has been rated 9.3/0 by IGN. So, you can assume and estimate the quality of the Game. Anyway, moving further, we need to know about the Horizon Zero Dawn PC, right? Let us see, what do Sony, and Guerrilla Games have to say about this.

Will Horizon Zero Dawn be on PC?

[sociallocker]Well, this is one question that many of us have been asking for a long time. The answer hasn’t yet been out according to some sources, but to be honest the actual answer is pretty much unsatisfactory. The thing with the Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla Games is that they had collaborated for this game. And, this totally means that the Game is never going to be available for any platforms, except for the Sony’s Play Station 4.

The thing with the game is, that it is exclusive of the PS 4, as Sony is the Publisher of this game, it sure wanted to keep the monopoly of the Game to be published and distributed only for the Play Station 4. This for sure has hiked up the sales of the Play Station 4, but then as we know, the Game hasn’t reached the whole of the audience. But, then again Sony hardly seems to care.


Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay, Horizon Zero Dawn PC Screenshots

Also, if you doubt what I write, you can read about the Guerrilla Games’ status as a First Party developer and a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment. This completely proves the fact that the Horizon Zero Dawn PC, is never going to come into existence. So, all that we can do for now is Buy a Play Station 4, and a copy of the Horizon Zero Dawn to play it.[/sociallocker]

Buy Play Station 4, and Horizon Zero Dawn at the Best Prices:

So, you see this was about the Horizon Zero Dawn PC. I hope you found what you were looking for.

Verdict and Index of this Post about Horizon Zero Dawn on PC:

Final Verdict: Well, in this article, you got to read a lot about the Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. The final conclusion is that most probably, the Game is never going to be available on the PC, or on XBox 360. The reason is that Sony wants to keep the monopoly of their Play Station 4, by keeping this Game exclusive for PS 4. Although it is a good marketing strategy, this has also cut down the user base and the audience for the game. But, as it is not here, what we can do is Buy a PS 4, and the Game, and Enjoy playing.


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  6. Final Verdict

So, this was the whole article about the Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. Although, the game is never going to come out for PC, what we can do is still enjoy it on the PS 4. This was all for now. I hope you found this article useful, and if you did, then share it with your friends via Social Media, and stay in touch with us for a lot more such content, by liking our Facebook Page, and Subscribing to our Newsletter.

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