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Google Tez: New Mobile Payment App – Review and How to Use?

Download Google Tez, Tez App Review, Download Tez Payment App

Google Tez App: Although there are many Applications available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store altogether. These applications have different uses and different purposes. Many of these apps are Mobile Payment Apps, or as we can say, in other words, Mobile Wallets. But, what actually is a Mobile Wallet? What can you use it for? How will you benefit from a Mobile Payment App? What are the disadvantages? And after all, What is Google Tez? Well, in this article, I will answer all these questions. So, if you too are looking for any of these questions, then keep reading, and I promise to help you.

Mobile Payment Apps: Google Tez and other Mobile Payment App, and Mobile Wallets:

Well, a Mobile Wallet and a Mobile Payment App, are somewhat similar and have some differences as well. Like, every Mobile Wallet is a Mobile Payment App, but not every Payment App is a Wallet too. Do you get this? Let me elaborate this a bit in the section below.

A Mobile Payment App is a Smartphone Application, with which you can Pay your Phone Bills, or Send Money to Friends’ Bank Accounts, or book Movie Tickets. Basically, these Apps are good to make your life a bit easier. With these Apps, you can avoid the hassle of Handling and Managing Cash.

While on the other hand, a Mobile Wallet is a Smart Phone app, which is a better version of a simple Mobile Payment App. In a Mobile Wallet, you can store Digital Money, just as you would, in a Bank Account. This would mean that you can barter this money, among your friends, parents, or anyone else who would be using that particular Mobile Wallet. Paytm in India, and Paypal around the world are two famous Mobile Payment Apps.

But, all these Apps charge you money, if you Transfer Money from these Mobile App Wallets, into your Bank Account. Why? Well, the word you get is, Transaction Fee, or Handling Fee. A bit annoying, right? In a way, you are having to pay for having your money. Too strange. But, guess what? Tez by Google solves everything here.

Google Tez Introduction:

Where, every Mobile Payments App, or Mobile Wallet, you use, charge you for transferring Money to your Bank Account, Google has a brighter and better way. With the all-new Google Tez, you can send or receive funds to and from your friends, just for more than free.

Google Tez: Complete Introduction, Early Giveaways, & How to Download and Use?

Yes, you read it right in the section above. There is one thing, which we call Free. Now, obviously, who doesn’t like Free Stuff, right? But, what if you can get even more than that? Let me come to the point straight now. Google is giving away, some of the most amazing offers to Tez Users. Read below to find those out.

Google Tez Gifts and Giveaways (Google’s Tez Free Scratch Cards):

  1. Earn on Every Referal: Marketing is of many types. Guess what, Google has adapted Referal Marketing to Promote Tez. For every Successful Referal, Google Tez will pay you and referral $0.8 (Rs. 51), after they make their First Successful transaction. Cool, isn’t it?
  2. Free Scratch Cards on Every Transaction: For every single transaction, you make, you will get a Free Scratch Card. Then, what you can do is Scratch this Digital Card, for Rewards of up to $16 (Rs. 1,000).
  3. Bumper Prize Scratch Cards every Sunday: And, above everything, every Sunday you get a Bumper Scratch Card, and along with that you get a chance of Winning Cash, up to $1,550 (Rs. 1,00,000). Now, I hope you are not having the question, that why would an App do that. Huh! Thanks for that. Anyway, this is all true, as a Friend of Mine won around $730 (around Rs. 48,000) in this Huge Scratch Card. So, you know it is really happening.

But, where and How will you get the money, in and from? Well, I love this part. I love this part, because I hated to be charged by Paypal, or Paytm, for Transferring my own money to my Bank. Google Tez sends all the money, directly to your Bank Account, that you have to link with this Payment App before you use it.

Download Google Tez and Step-by-Step Guide to Set-Up Tez App:

In the section above, I mentioned a lot about Tez. You got to read about all the Latest Offers and Scratch Cards, including Cash, that Tez is offering. But, now the question comes, How to Download Tez? Well, the answer is really simple, if you want to Download Google Tez, you can simply go to the Google Play Store on your Android Smartphone, and Download Tez.

While, on an iPhone, you will have to Look for the Google’s Tez App on your Apple App Store. Once, you find it, you can simply just Download the App. BUT, there is one problem. If you Download Google Tez, this way, you will not be getting any Rewards. This means that you will lose around $1. Why? Because the rewards are limited to Referal Downloads only. So, this means that either you Look for a Friend, who is using Google Tez, and ask them to Invite you, or I will share with you a Free Tez Referral Invite link. Sounds, fair? So, there you go. You can use this link to Download Tez App, and Get $0.8 (Rs. 51) Free in your Bank Account.

Download Tez App:

So, now you have Downloaded Tez App, it is time to Set it Up. Read and Follow the Instructions below, to Setup Tez Payment App.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setup Google Tez:

Setting up a Payments App can be a pain at times. For that reason, we are here to help you a bit. Just Read and Follow the Instructions below, and you will be Good to Go.

  1. Enter Tez App with your Phone Number
    Setup Tez App Step 1
  2. Choose an Old Google Account for Tez, or Sign in with a New Account
    Setting Up Tez App Step 2
  3. Add your Google Account to Tez
    How to Setup Tez App - Step 3
  4. Verify your Mobile Number by Entering the OTP, that Google will send to Your Phone Number
    Step-by-Step Guide to Setup Tez Payment App Step 4
  5. Create a Google Pin of Your Choice
    Setup of Tez App Step 6
  6. Enter the Google Pin, and Note it down at a Safe Place
  7. Make your First Payment with Google Tez and Get Your Reward
    Set up Tez Mobile Payment App Step 7Transfer Money with Tez App (Step 8)

And, after this Tez will ask you to Connect Your Bank account with the App, which you will be able to do within a Few Minutes only. I can not show that process for security reasons. So, this is it for now. Read the Index to make sure, you didn’t miss out on anything Important about Google Tez.

Google Tez Review:

Well, in my Opinion, Google’s New Product, Tez, which is a Mobile Payments App is a true Innovation. Another Great feature of the Payment App Tez, is that it also includes the Feature of Tap to Pay. With this feature, you can pay more easily, just with a tap, to the users who are near to you. And, this is just a mere add-on, apart from it, everything about Tez is simple. The way you Pay, the way you Request, the way you Receive, and the Way you Send money with Tez, is sure going to make Money Barter, and Transactions way too easier in the coming days.

On a Scale of 5, I would give 4.8 Stars to Tez by Google, for its amazing Simplicity, and usability. It loses 0.2 Stars as today, it was taking way too longer than usual, for completing the Payments. I hope Google takes these issues seriously and delivers better with Google Tez in Future.

Index – Everything about Google Tez: New Mobile Payment App:-

So, as any other Article, that you would read on this Blog, this article too has an Index. With this Index, you can know if you have missed out on anything Important. So, have a look below.


  1. Introduction to Mobile Payment Apps, and Mobile Wallets
  2. Google’s Tez’s Introduction and Giveaway Deals
  3. Referral Invite to Download Tez App
  4. Step-by-Step Guide on How to Setup Google Tez
  5. Tez Mobile Payment App Review

So, this was it for now. In this article, you read everything about Google Tez. I hope you found this post useful, and if you did, then share it with your Friends and stay in touch with this blog, for more such content.

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