What new can we expect in 2019 from Gaming Industry?

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Gaming Industry in 2019With technology increasing day by day we are getting an increase in the demands of a new feature in Video Games. We have seen Artificial Intelligence getting into the gaming industry and even the Virtual Reality concept. In this article, we have talked about certain reasons on why the World Cup 2019 will be the better World cup experience when compared to pas WC experiences.

If it keeps on increasing as it is in 2019 we are going to see some huge changes in the field. Let us have a look at what changes can we expect in 2019. You can experience the whole world cup experience online through a few city building games.

Much bigger games?

Yes, we are expecting the size of the games increase much further and becomes in multiples of 100 GBs. Not only in size but we are going to get a big list of features along with much bigger cities and maps if it is an open world game. Else we are going to get more and more levels so we can keep on playing those.

VR and AI to take over:

In 2019 more and more games are going to come loaded with AI wherein the game will actually learn from our moves and more. Something like what we have seen in the movie RA-One. VR is still limited to lower- end games, soon it will be jumping in the big sector where you will be able to experience the things in Virtual Reality.

What can we Expect from Gaming Industry in 2019

Better Graphics:

This is the basic need of each year’s evolution of any game. They need to have better and better graphics in order to serve better to the players. Although it is not going to be a huge increase we are going to get some better graphics games for sure.

Interesting Story Lines:

Although all the games have a good storyline on most of the part. But with increasing amount of demand for new stories, there are many games pending to be launched in 2019 of which we can expect to have some interesting setups and plots.

These are some of the things that we can expect in 2019 from the gaming industries. There are many games which are pending launch in 2019 such as The Devil May Cry sequel, Fire Emblem, Pokemon switches and many other. Do let us know what are you expecting in 2019 from the gaming industry in the comment section below.

Final Words:

In this article, we have talked about Top reasons why this world cup experience is better than the previous one. The reason is well supported by audiences on different online forums. Thank you for reading the article and let us know via comments section if we have missed out on anything.

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