Persona 5: Fusing Lachesis with Tetraja

Fusing Lechasis with Tetraja

Fusing Lachesis with Tetraja: The Phantom Thieves Of Hearts, the protagonist and his compatriots harness personas which are the physical manifestations of their inner psyche. The protagonist can raise his character attributes, improve his relationships with other characters of Phantom Thieves of Hearts which in turn, unlocks numerous abilities that can be used in a combat, like ‘Baton Pass’ ability. Since it is a social simulation game, the protagonist can also improve ranks with Non-Party Confidants which grants him bonuses such as access to a new equipment or item, increasing experience points, and Yen gain.

New Personas can be gained battling through a successful negotiation. Different persona Class is depicted through different Arcana associated to Confidant Links. The Personas can be combined or ‘fused’ or further manipulation is also possible in the Velvet Room. The Personas can be fused through ‘Guillotine’ fusion processes in the Velvet Room, resulting in a new Persona inheriting its characteristics from the Parent Personas. The more the skills of the Parent Persona, the more are passed down to the new fused persona. The strength of the New fused persona is determined by the advancement of its associated Confidant Links. Let’s take a look at how to Fuse Lachesis with Tetraja.

Fusing Lachesis with Tetraja – Procedure:

For jacking up the Strength Confidant with the Twin Sentinels- Caroline and Justin, merely interaction won’t serve the purpose, the creation of a particular persona with specific abilities is required. They will request you to get them Lachesis with Tetraja and once done, you will climb up on Strength Confidant to Rank 7. Three ways are given below, you can try whichever seems more convenient considering the gameplay.

Lechasis and Tetraja in Persona 51. Lachesis’s base level is 34, so make sure you are on that level or more for it to work. There are varied fusion amalgamation that leads to the Persona Lachesis-

  • Koppa Tengu with Red Rider
  • Eligor with Unicorn
  • Ame-no-uzume with Isis

Save the game after you have Lachesis. Strengthen the Lachesis applying a Clotho to inherit Tetraja. This is an erratic process. If it doesn’t provide the required effect, reload your saved game.

2. The second way is to fuse Pixie with Silky to get Clotho. Once you have It, level Clotho to 27 to learn Tetraja. Fuse Clotho with Tetraja to Regent to get Lachesis.

3. The third way to get Lachesis with Tetraja is to first fuse Lamia and Sandman to create Principality. This fusion had Tetraja inherently. After that fuse Principality with Yaksini to create Ame-no-uzume. (Inherit Tetraja, this process will not work otherwise.) Now, fuse Ame-no-uzume to Isis to get Lachesis.

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