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Fab’s AutoBackup – Fab’s AutoBackup Download (Data Recovery Software)

Fab's Auto Backup Software Features, and Functions

Fab’s AutoBackup: In the world that we live in, there are too many Softwares which surround us every now and then. Be it our Smart Phones, our Laptops or our Television Sets, every hardware needs a Software to function, the way it does. Although on our Laptops and Cell Phones, we use a number of Softwares to perform different Functions, for example, to listen to Songs, and to Play Videos, Windows OS has a Windows Media Player. So, Windows Media Player is a Software which Plays various kinds of Media on a Windows PC. Similarly, there is a Software for different functions, and to Save, Restore, and Auto-backup personal or Client Data, there is this software Fab’s AutoBackup.

What Fab’s AutoBackup does seems like Magic to many people. The performance is fantastic, and it does exactly what it quotes to do. To know more about this Auto Backup Software keep reading this article.

Fab’s AutoBackup – Introduction:

In the section above, I gave you a rough idea of what Fab’s Auto Backup does. Still, I am very much sure that I didn’t cover everything important that would matter to it. So, here I am to tell you more about What is Fab’s AutoBackup and what does it really do? Precisely, Fabs AutoBackup is a Portable Software/Application, which makes Restoration and Backing Up of your Clients’ Data, stunningly Easy. If you are looking for a Software that would let you Migrate your Clients’ Data swiftly across various machines of your choice, or between profiles hosted on the same system, or even before and after the OS Reinstallation on a System, then Fabs AutoBackup is for you.

Fab’s AutoBackup Features & Accessible Backup Functions:-

  • Ultimate Time Saver.
  • Breaks the draconian DRM and all other software limitations.
  • Is totally automated, after you set it up for once.
  • Works across different Systems.
  • Can easily transfer Profiles on the Same System.
  • Users’ Windows desktop (10 files max) and its wallpaper
  • My music (10 files max)
  • Quick launch toolbar (10 files max)
  • Internet Explorer’s favorites (10 files max) and its main start page
  • Shared documents folder (10 files max)
  • My pictures (10 files max)
  • Microsoft Outlook signatures files (no limitation)
  • My videos (10 files max)
  • Microsoft Outlook typed addresses history files (no limitation)
  • Fonts (10 files max)
  • Windows Live Messenger (no limitation)
  • Downloads folder (10 files max)
  • Windows Vista’s calendar (no limitation)
  • Skype (no limitation)
  • Windows Vista / 7 Gadgets (no limitation)
  • Modem settings file “rasphone.pbk” (no limitation)
  • Common desktop (10 files max)

Apart from these, there are several Files, which user would have defined, and this Software can restore those. So, here you saw, these were some of the most Important Features of Fab’s Auto Backup. Keep reading this post, in order to find out more about this Auto Backup Software by Fab.

Technical Details and System Requirements for Fab’s AutoBackup:

Another important thing you need to know of about a Software that you are looking forward to Installing is the System Requirements of the particular Software. And, before you move ahead to Download Fab’s AutoBackup, or Buy the Premium version you need to know what are the System Requirements for Fab’s Auto Backup. So, read below and check out if your PC satisfies these.

Technical Details of Fab’s Auto Backup Software:

  • Software Name: Fab’s AutoBackup
  • Type of Setup: Offline/Standalone Full Setup
  • Developer: Fabrice Parisot (Lone Author)

System Requirements for Fab’s AutoBackup: [sociallocker]

  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Compatible OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 [/sociallocker]

So, these were the System Requirements and the Technical Details of this Auto Backup Software by Fabrice Parisot. The Software is no less than Gold and costs only 45 Euros, which equals to around $55 at the time when I am publishing this information. The best thing is that you will be able to cover more than this amount, only when you use this Software for the First time, to solve a Client’s query. Anyway, to Download Fab’s AutoBackup, scroll down.

Fab’s AutoBackup – Fab’s AutoBackup Download (Data Recovery Software):

Fabrice Paristo is the founder of this Auto Backup Software, and he has done pretty well with producing this one. Although he created this software alone, he now has collaborated with EmsiSoft Software, which is an IT Company, and is going to support the Distribution of this Software, that Fabrice created. Although he has done a Job, that will help many Computer Operators and other Computer People, he still stays down to earth. Even on the Forum, Fabrice replies to all the Queries which he receives. He truly is a One Man Show. Now, to Download Fab’s AutoBackup, scroll down and click the Links below.

Fab’s AutoBackup Software:

Fab's AutoBackup, Fab's AutoBackup Download

So, these were some of the most Important Links, with which you can either Download the Trial version or Buy any of the Premium versions of Fab’s Auto Backup tool. Scroll down to find out more about this Auto Backup Software.

Fab’s AutoBackup – Overview/Review, and Demo Video:

Having used the Fab’s Auto Backup Software for a few days and for a few clients, I can quote that the Tool is pretty awesome. It does whatever it says, in the exact same manner. With its amazing speed, this Software can save you a lot of time. You might have used or heard of a few other Data Recovery Softwares in the past. I myself had used Recuva for a while, and to be honest I wasn’t very happy with the results. While using Fab’s AutoBackup, I and my clients are happy and satisfied. If you still have any doubts, I would recommend you to Click on the Trial Version Link above and have a look yourself. Also, watch the Demo Video below for a better understanding.

Fab’s AutoBackup Demo Video:

So, this was the Demo Video for Fab’s Auto Backup Software by Fabrice. And, I didn’t make this video, somebody else did, so understand that the quality isn’t my liability. And, Jokes Apart, I highly recommend you using Fabs AutoBackup for your personal and Clientele uses. I am sure it wouldn’t fail you.

Index of this Post – Everything about Fab’s AutoBackup:

Well, I know that you are good at reading, and hardly miss out on anything important, still, if you want to make sure that you didn’t, then have a quick look at the Index. Maybe it helps.


  1. Introduction
  2. Features of Fabs AutoBackup
  3. Restoration Functions Enabled on this Auto Backup Software
  4. Technical Details of Fab’s AutoBackup
  5. System Requirements to Install
  6. Links to Download, and Buy Fabrice Paristo’s AutoBackup Software
  7. Review of Fab’s Auto Backup
  8. Demo Video for this Auto Backup Software

So, this was all for now. This was it about the Fab’s AutoBackup, I hope you found this article and this Software useful, and if you did, then do share it with your Friends as well.

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