Enter the Gungeon: Tips and tricks for finding the Secret Rooms

Enter the Gungeons

Enter the Gungeon: Many gamers are looking to make their experience of playing Enter the Gungeon more efficient and strategic. Getting to know tips and tricks of any game can be advantageous in this domain. Hence, this article will talk briefly about the game Enter the Gungeon and Enter the Gungeon tips and tricks for which will enable you to play the game more proficiently. Let’s start with a brief overview of the game.

Brief Overview of ‘Enter the Gungeon’:

A bullet hell roguelike video game, Enter the Gungeon developed by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital is a game following the four adventurers who tread down the gungeon to discover a gun to kill their past. The game is supported by Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The player can choose between the four protagonists, each of them displaying a different set of special abilities such as a call for support and lockpicking chests.

The second player can join in for a co-op mode and controls the fifth character in the game. The player has to go through a series of floors, each having a certain number of rooms with enemies and treasure procedurally generated. The game features more than 200 guns which can be used together to generate powerful effects. At the end of each floor, there is a Boss sitting and defeating him enables the player to move onto the next floor and granting a gun or some item and currency that may be used at the shop.

The player will also encounter some non-player characters which he may or may not rescue. The purpose is to seek the legendary gun to defeat the player’s past filled with stories and regret.

There are some Enter the Gungeon tips and tricks that can help the player to advance quickly, find secret rooms, strategize in an effective manner and prioritizing the weapons that will help the playthrough. Let’s have a look.

Enter the Gungeon Tips and How to get into the Enter the Gungeon Secret Rooms:

If you are looking for the best Tips to Play Enter the Gungeon, I got your back here. Read below to find it all out.

Enter the Gungeons, How to Get to the Secret Rooms in Enter the Gungeons

  • Some weapons shoot faster when you tap the fire burn rather than just holding it. So this works best for revolvers and pistols. It is also easier to reload the gun when you are tapping the fire burn.
  • You can actually extinguish yourself by rolling and dodging, this also works well with poison. You can also utilize tables by moving and lifting them to save yourself, but keep in mind that they do break as well.
  • You can cancel the charge on Charging Weapons by immediately switching weapons and letting go of the fire button. Try to always keep moving the charge into the new room.
  • Count your Shots: Best way to clear the room is not to frantically shoot everywhere but to know how many shots a monster can take before they go down. This will save you in many ways, you will not get stuck with reloading at bad times if you prioritize problem enemies, and get them cleared before hopping onto lesser endurance and strength monsters. The standard enemy at the first floor takes 3 shots to die and reload after you have killed the last monster.
  • Use your blanks: The blanks can clear all the bullets in the room and recharge after every floor gets cleared so you get two more. And they don’t get stacked, so if you have two you will stay with two. Save these for the Boss fights and always use them if you need to. The biggest perk of doing this is that if you beat the Boss without getting hit, you get extra heart permanently.
  • Take your time in the game: Notice patterns and fight when it is safe to do so. It will allow you a lot more control and awareness if you dissect the fights instead of fanatically shooting everywhere. Try to shoot the monsters and move as fast as you can and use spots that cover you and help you avoid trouble.
  • Spend your money: As you proceed further in the game, buying shop items become increasingly expensive so it is advisable to buy the keys early on.
  • Watch out for Chests: Some chests are disguised monsters waiting for you, so be very careful and vigilant. When you enter into a chest room, wait for a few seconds before making a move. It does have animations so if the mouth of the chest opens, you will know it is fake. Or take a shot at the chest and if it moves, it is a monster disguised as a chest. The chest goes from worst to best in the order:
  • Brown, Blue, Green, Red, Black, Glitch, Rainbow.
  • Curse Points: You will see a purplish skull above you and curse points signify bad luck, a better chance to run into mimics and getting more jammed units etc. There will be a demon door that will be in a room if you try to enter it with curse points or 100 money, it will take away half of your heart. Have a look at the list provided below which will help you to understand what increases and decreases the curse. Also, remember that The curse can be increased by Carrying the following items:

  1. Big Boy (+1)
  2. Blood Brooch (+1)
  3. Bracket Key (+1)
  4. Cursed Bullets (+1)
  5. Elder Blank (+2)
  6. Knife Shield (+1)
  7. Lament Configurum (+1)
  8. Shelleton Key (+1)
  9. Sixth Chamber (+2)
  10. Yellow Chamber (+2)
  • Carrying the following guns:
  1. Casey (+2)
  2. Excalibur (+2.5)
  3. Fightsabre (+2)
  4. Huntsman (+1)
  5. Shellegun (+1)
  6. Unicorn Horn (+1)
  • Praying at the following Shrines
  1. Ammo Shrine (+3.5)
  2. Angel Shrine (+1.5)
  3. Dice Shrine granting Cursed (+5)
  4. Hero Shrine (sets curse to 9)
  • Purchasing anything from Cursula. (+2.5 along with any curse the purchased item has)
  • Giving a gun to the Witches. (+2)
  • Smashing a Mirror. (+3.5)
  • Stealing from a Shop. (+1)
  • Getting Badge, then talking to the police officer when he dies. (+2)
  • Using Spice. (+0.5 on the first use, +1 for each subsequent use)
  • Transforming into Cormorant. (+3)
  • Standing near a cursed pot. (+1)
  • Picking up an item/gun produced by Lament Configurum. (+1)

The curse can be decreased by:

  • Dropping any cursed item/gun
  • Praying at the following Shrines
  • Cleanse Shrine (sets curse to 0, only if the curse is lower than 10)
  • Dice Shrine granting Cleansed (removes up to 10 curses)

If you unlocked the elevator quest and start getting the elevator by the floor, resist using the elevator to get to the fifth floor. Always start at the first floor and try resisting any damage whatsoever on the first and second floor. That way you will have at least five hearts and a stack of guns, items, and money which will help you further in the game.

Know the shrines: There are many advantages and disadvantages that a shrine can give you in this game. The list given below will help you recognize good from bad ones:

  • Ammo – Increases your curse (hidden stat) level to refill ammo.
  • Angel – Removes one heart container to increase damage and curse.
  • Blank – Use a blank near a shrine to spawn a chest.
  • Challenge – Triggers multi-wave survival mode. Surviving spawns a chest.
  • Dice – Confers two effects consecutively, one good and one bad.
  • Peace – Sacrificing currently equipped gun, heals one heart.
  • Y.V. – 10 coins fee (increased by 10 after each use) confers effects that occasionally fires player’s weapon an extra two to four times without consuming ammo.

If you are playing a Co-op, give all the health-related items to only one of the characters. So if you have heart lockets and heart lunch boxes, which gives you another heart for Maximum HP, then give it to one character while the other will help as a support system to further in the game. Keep on sharing guns, active and passive items with the other player throughout the playthrough.

This was all about the game Enter the Gungeon, Enter the Gungeon tips and tricks and how to find Enter the Gungeon Secret Rooms.

Leave a comment if you have any queries regarding the article. Like and share if it proved helpful. Stay tuned for more gaming updates.

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