Beginners Guide for Dream League Soccer Game

Beginner's Guide to Dream League Soccer

Guide for Dream League Soccer. Who’s not interested in sports! Sports form such a huge coverage in our daily lives. Did you not aspire to form a football or soccer team of your own?

Did you not fantasize about playing matches along with your team? Honestly, all of us did. Now: If you come to know that someone has given shape to your desire, how would you feel? Exciting? Right?

Well …

… Dream League Soccer has done exactly that!

It has thought for you and made an internet app where you can form your own soccer team. The app allows you to add any person from any part of the world and at any time.

But could you do all the work of the team single-handedly?

Signing the right players, selecting the correct tactics, being very efficient … are all these possible at a time?

Definitely, the answer is NO! That’s what dream league soccer does for you. It is one of the latest games in the series. Its main objective is to improve your team by developing the talent of your existing players.

If it does not find any good player in your team, it hires world famous players.


Let’s begin with the tips and tricks that can be adopted while playing Dream League Soccer.

Tip 1 :-


  • Getting started with the game


Controlling your players will be a troublesome affair. So you will have to deal with opponent teams invariably.

To handle such cases, go to the training mode. This is available in the option My Club. Go to the bottom right-hand section of the menu bar. You will find it.

This is the particular place where you need to make improvements.


Your first job is to choose the captain of the team.

Since there are no statistics available, you can go by the best player in terms of rating. Besides, someone you prefer can also be chosen

Tip 2 :-


  • Just don’t fix your eyeballs at the ball


As has been mentioned earlier, the game might take a rough turn anytime. And for a novice, it is not possible to learn crisp passing, clinical goal and everything overnight.

If you do not have a good captain or your team is not that efficient, it will be very difficult for you to manage the game.

But when considering the basics of the game, you lose the game because your full concentration is upon the ball. It is the ball that snatches your eyes from everything else.

Well folks:

That’s a bad idea.

Focus on the players on defense and those on the opponent.  

Tip 3 :-


  • Mix up your offenses


Besides, learning when to use ‘A’ button and when to use ‘B’ button is also important.

Excessive use of ‘A’ button will result in wild passes and shots. In turn, you may land in a loss of possession or the ball going out of bounds.

On the other hand, too much use of ‘B’ button may lead to getting the ball stolen by defenders.

What about the ‘C’ button?

Well, that too should not be neglected.

For special movements, double tap or swipe right. Fancy dribbles will help you throw off your defender.

Tip 4 :-


  • For switching defenders use the C button  


As a defaulted movement, the game will automatically switch defenders. This movement will be performed based on which team member is closest to the ball.

Well, this could make you land in mess.

On one hand the defenders will be controlled by the AI team, on the other hand, you will have nothing to do but to witness your loss.

That’s very depressing!

If you have to avoid this pitfall, all you need to do is hit the ‘C’ button. Hit on the defender who has a better chance of making a successful challenge.

Tip 5 :-


  • While tackling opponents, be careful


When hitting the buttons ‘A’ and ‘B’, you can challenge the opponent team with the ball.

Likewise, while using the button ‘A’ will give you a better chance to de-possess the man who is handling the ball. If you use wrong or rough tactics, it will provide you warnings in the form of notifications.

If you are late and rough while making a challenge, you will receive a red card. This happens when the rough move is done out of the box.

The safest way to tackle the ball is to click the ‘B’ button. While making challenges, you might get some yellow cards.

If required, you need to be aggressive on the defense.

Tip 6 :-


  • After each game, watch the ad videos


1000 gold is a very good opportunity to buy a good player. If you cannot afford to buy a captain, at least you can catch hold of a player.

Know that beyond a certain level, it is next to impossible to earn gold.

After you win a match, you get a handful of gold coins. On the other hand, if you lose a match, you end up with only one coin. Of course, that’s a sad issue.

Regardless of your winning and losing, Dream Soccer will always ask if you want to watch a video of an ad. Watching it will allow you to earn 30 gold coins at the end of the match.  Well, this tip is not very important, you can use dream league soccer mod apk as an alternative way as that will provide you unlimited money.

Tip 7 :-


  • Improve your players by using gold


Noticing improvements at the first go is a rare sight. But you can spend some gold coins to improve the statistics of your player.

You have six different areas for improving:

  • Developing techniques for your players
  • Ball control
  • Passing ratings
  • Improves strength
  • Helps to learn tackling
  • Heading the ball

Normally, for improvement, only 20 gold coins are required. To be more specific, 20 gold coins are to be invested for improvement in each area.

Tip 8 :-


  • If you find winning difficult, you can quit, but at your own risk


Before you proceed with this tip, I would recommend that it is always good to try hard. Try till you last breath.


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